For those who like exploring, these are 3 charming natural attractions of Pangandaran

Jakarta – Traveling to Pangandaran is not only trying beach tourism objects, there are still many beautiful hidden natural attractions. Exploring the natural attractions of Pangandaran takes a lot of time and it’s not enough just one day. Because Pangandaran consists of natural attractions, mountains, seas and caves. Here are 3 challenging Pangandaran natural attractions. … Read more

Stories from Bali: The Giant Cave and Food Abstinence Arise

Jakarta – In Sanggulan Traditional Village, Banjaranyar Village, Kediri District, Tabanan, Bali, there is a cave that is believed to have once been inhabited by giants. This story is still believed today. This is marked by the habits of local indigenous people who abstain from eating processed embossed or tiwul fruit. Apart from that, the … Read more

Dare to Injure a Monkey in This Place Could Be Disastrous

Badung – A herd of monkeys is the main attraction for the Sangeh forest tourist attraction in Sangeh Village, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency, Bali. Several mysteries and myths also surround the existence of these attractions. The forest area and the monkeys are purified by the local community. No one dared to harm or injure the … Read more

6 Tourist Attractions Near the Train Station, Come on in!

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