For Weekend Hangouts, Here Are 5 Cheap Modern Cafes in Bogor

Jakarta – Hangouts on café synonymous with the price of expensive drinks. In fact, some of these cafes in Bogor have menus with pocket-friendly prices. Bogor on weekends is crowded with many people. Starting from visitors to tourist attractions to residents of Bogor City and its surroundings who want to relax while enjoying the city … Read more

Only 10 Seconds, Tesla Cars Can Be Stolen Using Bluetooth

Jakarta – Keyless keys, aka without keys, are now a superior feature in cars. But a cybersecurity researcher has demonstrated that only bluetooth could allow thieves to break into Tesla cars. Quoted from Bloomberg News, Friday (20/5/2022) Sultan Qasim Khan, principal security consultant at the Manchester, England-based security firm NCC Group, said the hacking did … Read more

Hyundai Creta Vs Honda HR-V, Which is More Selling?

Jakarta – The Hyundai Creta and Honda HR-V heat up the competition in the 5-seater SUV segment. The first Creta paved in Indonesia in November 2021. Creta is also the first car from Hyundai to be produced at its regional factory, Cikarang Bekasi. Hyundai Creta blatantly challenges the Honda HR-V. Not empty-handed, Hyundai has embedded … Read more

Go to Bandung, stop at the Legendary Mi Shake Cepay

Bandung – Mi shake is one of Bandung’s culinary delights that travelers are looking for. One of the popular noodle shake locations in Bandung is Mi Beat Cepay. What’s so special about it? There are two Mi Beat Cepay shops that you can visit, namely at GOR Pajajaran and on Jalan Samiaji. It is Mamat … Read more

Yamaha Now Selling Second Motorcycle!

Jakarta – Yamaha announced their latest platform to further pamper their loyal customers. Interestingly, Yamaha’s newest platform is not selling new motorbikes, but used motorbikes. Quoted from Visordown, Yamaha opened a new platform to sell used motorcycles. Eits but don’t get me wrong, detikers, this used Yamaha motorcycle sales platform is not in Indonesia, but … Read more

Long Weekend at Dewa Dewi Cipiit’s Site, You Can Camp

Sukabumi – The Dewa Dewi Cipiit Lake in Sukabumi, West Java is perfect for filling your day off. Travelers can camp here. Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit is located in Tanjungsari Village, Central Jampang District, Sukabumi Regency. Fun, this lake tour surrounded by pine forests has an area of ​​​​7 hectares. With a large area, Situ … Read more