10 Indonesian Tourism Famous for Mystery and Myths


Besides being beautiful, several tourist destinations in Indonesia also have myths and mystical things that surround them. Are these places in your area?

detikcom has summarized this, Monday (10/10/2022) tourist attractions that have rules, prohibitions to mystical things in several parts of Indonesia.

1. Alas Purwo . National Park

This park is located in the easternmost region of Java Island with a variety of tourist spots that are very worth visiting. Starting from the beach area, religious sites, to exploring dozens of caves can be found in this area in Banyuwangi Regency.

Banyuwangi is rich in its natural tourism potential.  One of the favorites for tourists is Alas Purwo National Park and Plengkung Beach.  Many protected wildlife are still found.  Files/secondPhoto.Banyuwangi is rich in its natural tourism potential. One of the favorites for tourists is Alas Purwo National Park and Plengkung Beach. Many protected wildlife are still found. Files/secondPhoto. Photo: Budi Sugiharto

The number of caves in Alas Purwo makes this area also famous for its mystical tourism. A number of ascetics can be found meditating in the caves. The natural condition of Alas Purwo National Park is also maintained because of the myths that surround it.

There is a prohibition on bringing anything from the forest including hunting wildlife, it is notified to every visitor. It is said that danger will befall those who are desperate to violate.

2. It is forbidden to wear red clothes at Curug Cikuluwung

The waterfall or Curug Cikuluwung is located in Suka Asih Village, Pamijahan, Bogor Regency, West Java. Has a calm green water pool surrounded by rock cliffs. The water flow of Curug Cikuluwung comes from the Cikuluwung River which has its head on Mount Salak

Curug Cikuluwung opens at 08.00-11.00 WIB and will then reopen at 13.00-16.00 WIB. Visitors are prohibited from entering outside these hours. Especially if you want to swim at night. It is said that the “guard” of the waterfall does not like it when someone disturbs it after sunset.

He said, visitors who have a sixth sense can see the beautiful carvings on the cliffs of the pond. However, women who want to enter the waterfall area are prohibited from wearing red clothes. If this is violated things that can harm yourself can happen.

3. Pasarean Forest, Ciamis

The Pasarean forest area in Nagarpageuh Village, Ciamis, West Java has been designated as a protected forest area. In the forest area there is the tomb of one of the figures in the area, namely Prince Undakan Kalangan Sari, which is a cultural heritage site.

The people of Nagarpageuh Village have been protecting the forest for a long time. None of the residents dared to take advantage of the natural products in the forest. From picking up tree branches, taking advantage of fallen trees. Especially when it comes to cutting down trees in the Pasarean Forest.

According to people’s stories, anyone who takes natural products will be approached by a ‘maung’ or tiger figure suddenly at night. The figure asked the person to return the tree he had taken.

However, if the person is still stubborn, the person will get a disaster or disaster, from an accident to illness. Believe it or not, this myth has been around for a long time.

4. Trunyan Village, Bali

Trunyan VillageTrunyan Village Photo: CXO Media

Trunyan Village in Bali is included in the ranks of very unique tourist attractions. There are no cremation or burial events for residents who died in this area. The body is only placed on the ground. Near a tree called Teru Menyan. Even though it was not buried, there was no foul odor that could be smelled from the corpse.

However, travelers who visit this area must respect a number of taboos. Among them, any items in the grave are not to be taken home. Visitors are also required to behave politely, by not spitting because they feel disgusted to see a corpse that is just placed on the ground.

5. Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is famous for the legendary story of Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso accompanying the establishment of Prambanan Temple. Roro Jonggrang asked Bandung Bondowoso for a thousand temples, who fell in love with him.

Bandung Bondowoso agreed and asked for the help of the genie to complete Roro Jonggrang’s request. Therefore, Roro Jonggrang’s request was almost fulfilled overnight. Well, at the 99th temple, Roro Jonggrang seems to make dawn come faster. Jin was fooled and left.

Roro Jonggrang’s trick made Bandung Bondowoso angry and cursed Roro Jonggrang to become a temple statue. This legend is believed to make unmarried couples who visit this place break up.

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