12 Tourist Attractions in Trenggalek, Many Beautiful Beaches You know…


There is nothing wrong with the long Eid al-Fitr 2022 holiday to relax yourself by visiting a number of tourist destinations in Trenggalek. The Trenggalek Tourism and Culture Office ensures that all tourist attractions are opened during the Eid holiday.

“All destinations managed by the government and the private sector are open, please visit. But don’t forget to obey the health protocols,” said Head of the Trenggalek Disparbud, Sunyoto, Tuesday (3/5/2022).

Here are 12 natural tourist destinations that you must visit while on vacation to Trenggalek.

1. Prigi Beach

Prigi Beach is located in Tasikmadu Village, Watulimo District. This beach has complete facilities ranging from an instagramable garden, a wide beach to a culinary center.

This location also has a 360-degree stage which is used for various arts and cultural performances.

The Trenggalek Regency Government has begun to test the opening of the tourism sector.  This is after the results of the Ministry of Health's assessment were entered at level 1.Prigi Beach Photo: Adhar Muttaqin/detikcom

2. Karanggongso White Sand Beach

Karanggongso Beach is 3.6 kilometers to the east from Prigi Beach. This beach has white sand with gentle waves, so it is relatively safe to play in the water.

A number of facilities are provided to pamper visitors, including banana boats to boat tours to get around to a number of interesting spots in the Prigi Bay area. Thursday (5/5), this beach was invaded by tourists.

3. Simbaronce Beach

Simbaronce is adjacent to Karanggongso Beach, it’s just that the beach sand is no longer white. Tourism support facilities such as banana boats and tourist boats are also available here.

trenggalek simbaronce beachSimbaronce Beach Photo: Adhar Muttaqin

4. Pearl Beach

Mutiara Beach is also in the Prigi Bay area. This beach has a beautiful view, with clear sea water.

What’s interesting is that the rides at Mutiara Beach are quite complete, starting from floating houses, water bikes, and paddle boarding. The manager also provides home stay facilities for overnight visitors.

5. Cengrong Beach

Cengrong Beach is located on the west side of Prigi Bay. The beach which has no entrance fee is quite comfortable to hang out or relax.

6. Mangrove Forest

Near Cengkrong Beach there is a mangrove forest tour managed by the local community. Visitors can walk along the wooden bridge while learning about various types of mangroves.

7. Lawa Cave

Lawa Cave or bat cave is located in Watuagung Village, Watulimo District, Trenggalek. This cave is the largest and longest cave in Southeast Asia.

“It would be five kilometers long, only one kilometer can be visited at this time,” said Sunyoto.

To walk through this cave, visitors do not need to bother, because a bridge is provided from the mouth of the cave to the end. Visitors can enjoy enjoying the stalactites and stalagmites formed thousands of years.

8. Durensari Tourism Village

Durensari Tourism is located in Sawahan Village, Watulimo District. The location is in the International Durio Foresty (IDF) durian forest area. To enjoy this area, visitors usually have to make a reservation in advance and choose a tour package that is prepared.

Under the management of a tourist village. Visitors can enjoy exploring the durian forest, river tubing to various traditional games.

This area has been integrated with dozens of home stays managed by the local community.

9. Grotto Cave/Stone Park

Ngerit Cave or Ngerit Stone Park is a naturally formed karst rock garden area. This tour, which is located in Senden Village, Kampak District, is quite unique compared to other destinations.

Visitors can walk through the maze of rock gardens to enter a tunnel or cave that penetrates the rock. The stone house is a comfortable stopover for visitors.

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