28 Thousand Electric Motorcycles Sold in Indonesia During January-September 2022


The Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association or AISI submitted data on sales of electric motorcycles in the country from January to September 2022. During the first nine months of this year, 28 thousand electric iron horses were sold to consumers.

AISI General Chair, Johannes Loman, said that although the sales of electric motorcycles were not as big as conventional motorcycles, the demand for them was slowly growing.

“According to the data we received from the Ministry of Industry, about 28 thousand units (electric motorcycles) were sold during January-September 2022,” Loman said when met at JCC Senayan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (2/11/2022).

Furthermore, Loman reminded, AISI members such as Yamaha and Honda are just starting to develop electric motorcycles in Indonesia. That is why, his party has not set a sales target for vehicles in this segment. According to him, new targets can be made when everything is ready.

“Electric motorbikes are just starting for AISI members. We haven’t set a target yet, because electric motorbikes need better introduction to customers. I’m sure after that the growth will be fast. Well, in the beginning, it’s still not,” he said.

Illustration of an electric motor.Illustration of an electric motor. Photo: Septian Farhan Nurhuda / detik.com

AISI’s Response to the Target of 2 Million Electric Motors by 2025

On the same occasion, Loman again talked about the government’s target of 2 million electric motorcycles sold by 2025. According to Loman, although it is difficult, the target is not impossible to achieve.

“We always try to achieve that. But again how far can people accept it faster. Because it’s a new technology, and people need time to get to know it,” he explained.

Loman added that currently electric motorcycles are still constrained by price and infrastructure. However, in the future, he believes this problem can be solved. So, the fans in Indonesia are increasing.

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