3 Hidden Paradises on Selaru Island, Virgin Beach-Endemic Flora Island

Tanimbar Islands

Selaru Island has millions of charms that are a pity to miss when visiting the Tanimbar Islands, Maluku. This island landscape with clean beaches can be an option for healing.

So, what are the tourist destinations that can be visited while stopping on Selaru Island?

Check out the team’s recommendations detik.com when a traveler vacations on Selaru Island:

1. Eliasa Village Beach

Eliasa village is the outermost village which is the border point between Indonesia and Australia. To reach this village, you have to travel approximately 40 km from Adaut Village with a fairly steep terrain because the access road is still a rocky dirt road.

Although the journey is quite challenging, the natural scenery that is served is very pleasing to the eye. On their recent trip to Selaru Island, the detikcom team had the opportunity to stop at the border icon in the form of beacon signs and boundary markers that are directly opposite the coast of Eliasa Beach. From a height, views of the sea with calm waves, wide stretches of white sand, beautiful green forests, and clouds in the blue sky blend into one beautifully.

Besides enjoying it from a height, you can also play on the white sand and blue sea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis beach. And relax for a moment in the shady gazebos available on the beach.

2. Angwarmas Island

Want to see the endemic flora and fauna of the Tanimbar Islands? Angwarmas Island is the place to be! This island as well as a nature reserve saves the beauty of the flora of Tanimbar in the form of orchids which local residents know as Lelemuku. The view of the cliff as an orchid habitat on Angwarmase Island is a hidden beauty that you can see when visiting Selaru.

In addition to flora, if you are lucky you can also find endemic fauna such as the Goffin’s Cockatoo on Bird Island which is only 5 minutes from Angwarmas. This island also has the beauty of coral reefs that are well maintained, so it can be a diving spot for those of you who like to dive. To be able to reach this place you need to take about 30 to 60 minutes by speedboat from Saumlaki.

3. Tnyafar

Want to enjoy the beautiful sea view as well as see the unique culture of the Adaut Village community? You can visit the Tnyafar Coast, where the Adaut Village residents carry out the Tnyafar tradition.

“Tnyafar is one of the customs that has been carried out from generation to generation, culture by the Selaru people, especially in Adaut Village, where some of the residents are gardening and living in the Tnyafar area. doing all activities (gardening) including getting married and living active there,” said Head of the Tanimbar Islands Tourism Office, Maria Retty Batlayeri, to detik.com.

Borderlines Photo: detikcom/Agung Pambudhy

On the coast of Tnyafar, you can enjoy beach views with neatly lined coconut trees lined up with wooden huts roofed with dried coconut leaves. The wooden boats used by residents to fish are also crowded around the coast, a unique sight that can be found in Tnyafar.

Also enjoy the beautiful sunset while soaking in the seconds as the bright sky turns dark with an amazing orange tinge. This view can also be a beautiful backdrop for those of you who want to capture silhouette photos in Tnyafar.

Well, those are 3 hidden paradises with beautiful views that you can visit while visiting Selaru Island. Don’t forget to capture your best moments in Selaru and share the natural beauty of this country’s borders so that it is increasingly recognized by domestic and foreign tourists.

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