5 Artists Subscribe Meatball Stalls, from Nikita Mirzani to Syahrini


Love to eat meatball, some of these homeland artists have a regular meatball stall. Starting from Nikita Mirzani to Syahrini.

Meatballs have always been a favorite food for all people, including Indonesian artists. Even some artists have become subscriptions at their favorite meatball stalls.

Even though it’s only street food meatballs, they are not proud to enjoy meatballs at a cart stall. Moreover, the choice of various meatballs with a savory broth complete with tetelan.

The following are 5 artisan-subscribed meatball stalls:

1. Pakde Joe’s Meatballs

Artist’s subscription to Meatballs is Pakde Jo’s Meatball subscription to Nikita Mirzani Photo: iStock

Pakde Joe’s meatballs are no stranger to meatball lovers. Because this place to eat meatballs is known as a subscription for artists, one of them is Nikita Mirzani.

Through her YouTube channel, Nikita Mirzani often shares moments of eating meatballs there. And every time Nikita stops by, the meatball stall is sure to be packed with buyers.

What distinguishes Pakde Joe’s Bakso from the others is the noodles. Here the noodles use Indomie. In addition, the taste of the meat is felt and there is a texture when eaten.

Usually Nikita Mirzani orders meatballs mixed with chili sauce. The price for one portion is not more than IDR 20,000.

Mr. Joe’s Meatballs
Jl. Patal Senayan No.26
Kby. Old, South City
Phone: 0813-1075-0755

2. Pak Unyil’s Vein Meatballs

Artist's subscription meatballsThe artist’s subscription to Meatballs is Pak Unyil’s Urat Meatballs, a subscription to Ruben Onsu Photo: iStock

In the Cipete area, South Jakarta, there is a meatball cart stall that Ruben Onsu is a regular at. The meatball stall is known as Pak Unyil’s Urat Meatballs.

The meatballs offered here are larger than. Usually, Ruben Onsu orders meatballs that are savory and have abundant filling. The texture is quite pronounced.

In addition, here also offers egg balls and chicken noodle menus. One serving of meatballs here is priced at IDR 18,000.

Unyil’s Vein Meatballs
Jl. Asem II No.9. South Cipete
Cilandak, South Jakarta
Phone: 0818-145-622

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