5 Food Prices in Papua, from Nasi Padang to Pecel Ayam


This netizen and TikTok content creator has lived in Fakfak, West Papua for 18 years. He often shares information about the prices of food there. Starting from Padang rice to chicken pecel.

There is a lot of interesting information that can be found on TikTok. In addition to food trends, information about food prices in an area or region also often steals attention.

One of them was shared by a content creator named Nana, the person behind the kitchen_nn TikTok account. He, who has lived in Fakfak Regency, West Papua for the last 18 years, has revealed the prices of food there.

Nana shows the price of food, which is usually cheap on the islands of Java and Sumatra, when it is sold in Papua. For example Padang rice and chicken pecel which can be obtained with prices starting from Rp. 15 thousand in Java or Sumatra, but not in Papua.

Then on the contrary, there are also food prices on the islands of Java and Sumatra, which are relatively expensive, but are actually cheaper in Papua. This variation in food prices is, of course, influenced by the ease of obtaining raw materials.

Then how much is the price of Padang rice, chicken pecel, and crab in Papua? Here is the information:

1. Nasi Padang

5 Food Prices in Papua, from Nasi Padang to Pecel AyamNasi Padang filled with rendang and cakes is priced at IDR 48 thousand at Fakfak. Photo: TikTok kitchen_nn

On the islands of Java and Sumatra, delicious Padang rice starts from Rp. 15 thousand, but it’s a different story with Fakfak. Nana, who bought Padang rice with 1/2 portion of rice, rendang, and cakes, had to spend Rp. 48 thousand!

He bought Padang rice from Ampera Restaurant which he said was a native Padang business. This restaurant even existed about 20 years ago. Seen Padang rice wrapped in rice paper and banana leaves.

The complement is jackfruit curry, boiled cassava leaves, and green chili sauce. The rendang appeals to the taste buds with its blackish color and ‘medok’ spices. “It’s okay guys, IDR 48 thousand is expensive, the important thing is that it’s there, even though it’s expensive if the item is there, you still buy it,” said Nana.

2. Pecel Rice

5 Food Prices in Papua, from Nasi Padang to Pecel AyamPecel rice is also quite expensive in Fakfak with a price per portion of Rp. 20 thousand. Photo: TikTok kitchen_nn

When craving pecel rice, Nana can get it at Fakfak. The price is of course more expensive, which is Rp. 20 thousand per portion. He who bought two servings and asked for the food to be sent to this house spent Rp 45 thousand.

The pecel rice is wrapped in banana leaves like lead rice. Peanut seasoning also looks separate. When the pecel rice was opened, Nana was immediately surprised by the fried fish as a side dish. “There are very few vegetables. Yes, vegetables are expensive here, but why do you use carrots? Do you use mustard greens too? Some use tempeh orek,” he said.

In terms of taste, the woman who previously lived in said, “Well, just swallow it. I definitely won’t eat the fish,” she said at the end of the video. He seemed less eager to eat it because he had imagined typical Javanese pecel rice.

3. Chicken Pecel

5 Food Prices in Papua, from Nasi Padang to Pecel AyamChicken pecel without rice is priced at Rp. 30 thousand at Fakfak. Photo: TikTok kitchen_nn

Other food prices in Papua that Nana revealed are chicken pecel aka fried chicken with vegetables and chili sauce. This menu can be enjoyed for around Rp. 15 thousand only on the islands of Java and Sumatra, but in Fakfak, of course it is different.

The price of chicken pecel reaches Rp. 30 thousand, not including rice! Nana revealed, although the price is expensive, the size of the pieces of chicken is quite large. “Here, the chicken is pretty big. Two pieces of chicken don’t use rice, this is the salad. Oh, the vegetables are really stingy, yes, the vegetables here are expensive,” said Nana.

Luckily, Nana got a delicious chili taste from the chicken pecel menu. According to him, this is because the seller is Javanese. Many netizens are amazed by the price of chicken pecel here.

Nana also revealed the price of crab to durian in Fakfak, see information on the next page.

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