5 Instagramable Spots in Becici Peak Yogyakarta, which one do you want to choose?


Becici Peak is one of the pine forest tours in Yogyakarta. Inside there are many instagramable spots available for travelers.

At Becici Peak, a traveler can enjoy the beauty of Yogyakarta from a height to take pictures with an aesthetic background. This tour is located in Gunung Cilik, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, DIY.

First, the towering pine trees can be used as a photo backdrop for travelers. There are also many chairs available for travelers to relax while capturing the moment.

Becici PeakPhoto spot with pine forest trees at Becici Peak Photo: (Tasya Khairally/detikcom)

Second, by climbing some stairs, a traveler can enjoy the green nature from a height. In addition to pampering the eyes and breathing cool air, this place can certainly be an interesting photo spot.

Becici PeakFrom a height, the natural beauty of Yogyakarta is a beautiful backdrop. Photo: (Tasya Khairally/detikcom)

Yogya’s natural beauty can also be seen from this one spot. write Becici Peak in the middle, the traveler just walks down the stairs. At night, a beautiful view of the city light can be seen.

Becici PeakThe beauty of Yogyakarta can also be seen from here, at night you will see a view of the city light. Photo: (Tasya Khairally/detikcom)

Furthermore, spots such as bird’s nests can also be a place for travelers to take pictures. The place is so unique and aesthetic.

Becici PeakSpots such as bird’s nests can also be photo spots for travelers with Puncak Becici Photo: (Tasya Khairally/detikcom)

Lastly, flying fox can also be an instagramable spot. From a height, a traveler can pose like floating in the middle of pine trees.

Becici PeakPlaying flying fox in the middle of the pine trees Photo: (Tasya Khairally/detikcom)

Becici Peak is open from 08.00-22.00. At night, the chandeliers will light up so beautifully, making the atmosphere feel different and more romantic.