5 Legendary and Famous Delicious Chicken Mie Cart at Street Vendors


Good chicken noodles don’t have to be in a restaurant. The street chicken noodle cart, which is sold on the edge of the railroad tracks to the roadside, is also delicious and no less popular.

Mie ayam cart has a cheaper price, when compared to mie ayam at restaurants, let alone restaurants. Although many think that the taste of Mie Ayam Bakar is standard and the same.

But that’s not the case with some of the legendary cart noodles, even famous in Jabodetabek. Such as chicken noodles with jumbo portions and complete toppings, to chicken noodle carts on the streets and in alleys.

Here are 5 places to eat street cart chicken noodles that are selling well, even the lines are long.

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1. Mushroom Chicken Noodle Mas No

Mie Ayam Mushroom Mas No, the famous chicken noodle in Taman Puring.  Offer the delicious chicken mushroom noodles kick and the sweet and legit Yamin noodles.Mie Ayam Mushroom Mas No, the famous chicken noodle in Taman Puring. Offer the delicious chicken mushroom noodles kick and the sweet and legit Yamin noodles. Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

Chicken noodle lovers must try this mushroom chicken noodle. His name is Mie Ayam Mushroom Mas No who sells using a simple cart on the side of the road. Precisely in the Puring Park area, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Even so, this mushroom chicken noodle connoisseur is always crowded every day. Open since 7 am, Mas No the seller doesn’t stop mixing chicken noodles until the afternoon. It turns out that this mushroom chicken noodle has been established since 1998. It used to be selling around from village to village in 1995.

There are only 2 menus offered by Mie Ayam Mushroom Mas No. Mushroom chicken noodles and yamin noodles. Prices per serving of mushroom chicken noodles and yamin noodles start from IDR 18,000. If you add meatball topping or boiled dumplings, Rp. 19,000. As for the complete menu, the price is only IDR 21,000.

2. Gajah Mungkur Chicken Noodles

If you crave for chicken noodles, the portion is kulproy (project coolie) or jumbo portion, but it’s far from Yogyakarta. No need to worry, you can stop by Mie Ayam Gajah Mungkur in Depok. With just a simple cart.

Both are famous for their portion of kulproy chicken noodles (project porters). Here you can eat full and satisfied for only Rp. 12,000. Although the price is super cheap, the portion of chicken noodles provided is really not stingy.

An abundance of chicken and vegetable toppings also covered the surface of the noodles. The chicken noodles are piled up, with a blend of spices and chicken oil that fits perfectly on the tongue. Get ready to queue if you want to eat here, because it’s always crowded with shoppers.

3. Gang Ambi Chicken Noodles

Wonogiri Chicken Noodle RecipeWonogiri Chicken Noodle Recipe Photo: iStock

Traveling to Bogor and craving for affordable delicious chicken noodles? Just stop by Mie Ayam Gang Ambi, which is located on Jalan Merdeka, inside Gang Ambi II. As the name implies, this chicken noodle cart is located in an alley, with a simple wooden table.

Even so, this chicken noodle is always in demand, and is popular in the city of Bogor. The hallmark of the chicken noodle menu here is served with two wet dumplings and two meatballs at a price of Rp. 15,000 only. This chicken noodle has a savory salty taste, with chewy flat noodles.

Open from 10 am, many people are willing to queue to be able to eat this chicken noodle. Even though the place is small, the visitors’ interest is still great. The portion of noodles offered is also generous, with a generous sprinkling of chicken and mustard greens.

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