5 Malaysian and Indonesian Netizen Debates Triggered by Food


The topic of food is a sensitive issue for Malaysian and Indonesian netizens, who are always arguing over this issue. Here is some evidence.

Neighbors and cognate, many similarities can be found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Starting from the cultural aspect to the culinary. Because it is almost similar, many netizens in these two countries are arguing over the origin of the food.

The most famous and viral is the fight over the origin of rendang which Malaysia had claimed came from their country. Although in fact rendang is an original Minang culinary from West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Until recently, there was a debate about the name of Bandung grass jelly, until Malaysian netizens complained about the porridge problem. Here’s the description.

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1. Rendang

rendang Photo: shutterstock

Entered into the first ranking of the most delicious food in the world by CNN. Rendang is a favorite food in Indonesia. This Minang dish made of beef from West Sumatra has become a bone of contention between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Over the years the debate over the origin of rendang continues. Many Malaysians claim that rendang is a food that comes from their country.

Even though rendang is a culinary heritage from the land of Minang. Malaysia itself certainly has rendang dishes which, although similar, have a different texture and taste from Indonesian rendang.

2. Bandung Cincau

Starting from the Twitter account @tasty owned by BuzzFeed (03/12), which specializes in reviewing recipe content, sharing simple cafe-style drink menus in Malaysia that can be made easily at home.

“Sirup Bandung Cincau, originating from Malaysia and Singapore,” said one of the contents of the menu.

Of course, this invites various comments from netizens in Indonesia. Many annoyed comments from Indonesian netizens after reading the Bandung Cincau menu which was claimed from Malaysia and Singapore.

Feeling disapproved of accusations and criticism from Indonesian netizens. Malaysian netizens flocked to deny the accusations. They explained that in Malaysia, ‘Bandung’ means mixed, not the name of an Indonesian city.

3. Cendol

In 2018, cendol was included in CNN’s list of the 50 most delicious desserts from around the world. But cendol actually claimed to come from Singapore.

This news triggered many reactions from Malaysians and Indonesians. “This chilled dessert can be found throughout Southeast Asia, but with the addition of red beans, Singapore creates a classic taste that’s still tantalizing,” writes Jen Rose Smith, author of CNN travel.

Netizens from Malaysia and Singapore were not only enlivened, Indonesia as the owner of this dessert also opened its voice. Indonesian netizens claim that this dessert originates from their country, although it is popular in Malaysia and Singapore.