5 Places to Buy Kiloan Pastries, There are Nastars to Yummy Snow White


In addition to buying in jars, you can also buy various pastry by kilo. The choices are many and the prices are more affordable.

Nastar, snow white, kastengel to dried ebi spring rolls can be treats on the guest table during Eid. Or it could be a gift for family, neighbors or friends. If you intend to buy a lot, you can come to the kilo cookie shop.

Here you can buy various cakes with the amount according to your needs. If you want to buy 100 grams or 1 kilogram, all must be served.

The price also varies depending on the quality, but it is guaranteed that the price is still affordable and does not make a hole in the pocket. These kilos of cookies are priced from Rp. 100 thousand to Rp. 300 thousand per kilogram.

The seller will provide a special container if you buy in large quantities. So you don’t have to worry that these cookies will crumble later.

Here are some places that you can visit if you want to buy kilos of cookies:

1. Love Shop

The Jatinegara Market area in East is never empty of visitors before Eid. Many people look for Eid needs ranging from clothes, household appliances to pastries. Yes, here are some pastry shops that offer kilo cookies.

You can visit Suka Hati Store, which is located in the basement area of ​​Jatinegara Market. There are many choices of pastries ranging from nastar, sago cheese, snow princess, kastengel to various types of fried beans. One kilogram of nastar cake, kastengel to snow white is priced between Rp. 135 thousand to Rp. 145 thousand per kilogram.

There are also premium quality pastries ranging from Rp. 145 thousand to Rp. 190 thousand. Besides pastries, you can also eat chips and chocolate candy here.

Kilo cookies at the Jatinegara marketKilo cookies at the Jatinegara market Photo: dokdetikFood/Dewi Anggraini

2. Sumber Mas Kue Cake Shop

Still in East Jakarta, you can also wholesale pastry at the Pelmerian market, Matraman. One of the kilo cake shops that you can visit is Sumber Mas Cake Shop. The choices are also complete, there are popular pastries such as nastar, kastengel, snow white, to chocolate cookies.

There are also old school snacks such as flower biscuits, ciput sesame cakes, various chips, skin crackers, pinch balls and many more. Cakes and sponges can also be purchased here, all sponge cakes are guaranteed to be fresh and freshly made on the same day.

3. Orchid Shop

For those who frequent the Mayestik market, they are certainly familiar with the line of cake shops that are mushrooming ahead of Eid. One of the shops that can be visited is the Orchid Shop which has been around for 10 years.

The selection of cakes in this shop varies, there are nastar, kastengel, snow white, cat’s tongue and so on. For snacks, there are mini spring rolls, spicy chips, cheese sticks, Medan nuts and many more. The price starts from Rp. 150 thousand to Rp. 400 thousand per kilogram. But you can also buy in small quantities.

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