5 Popular and Expensive Foods Turns Out To Be Disliked by Many People


Trendy foods that are popular and expensive, it turns out that it doesn’t necessarily taste according to the tastes of many people. But strangely, this food still dominates the popularity.

Talking about food is not far from the taste of each person. There are those who like savory foods and there are also those who prefer sweet foods.

Regarding the type, there are several foods that according to many netizens on the BuzzFeed and Reddit sites are considered too excessive, ranging from price to taste. These foods are called popular because people pretend to like the taste, even though they are not really good.

Here are five popular foods that are considered bad:

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1. Oyster

Fresh oysters from the sea at Coffin Bay on Eyre PeninsulaFresh Oysters. Photo: iStock

Oysters are loved by many people, not only in Europe, but also in Asian countries such as Indonesia. Although it is considered an expensive culinary, many Indonesians like oysters because of their fresh taste.

But according to the BuzzFeed website, oysters are at the top of the list as a popular food that people don’t really like. “The oysters taste like eating dirty seawater. The texture is really unappetizing,” commented one Reddit user that many people liked.

2. Matcha

In addition to chocolate or strawberry, matcha which is powdered green tea is a popular menu for dessert variants, drinks, to contemporary foods in various countries.

Although matcha is synonymous with Japanese cuisine, this food dominates all foods in various countries. Many weird and quirky creations use matcha. For example, ramen with matcha sauce to become a burger mixture.

“In my opinion matcha. This food is very trendy, but to me it tastes like drinking fish water. I can’t enjoy it,” continued another user on the Reddit site.

3. Escargot

the law of eating snails in islamEscargot/Snail Photo: iStock

Snail, which is popularly known as escargot, has become a luxury food in France. In addition to the delicious taste, it also contains quite high protein.

In Paris, there is even a special restaurant that serves processed slimy animals. Because snails contain protein about 12% of 100 grams of meat. Even David Beckham said that escargot or snail is one of his favorite foods.

“Escargot (snail). The combination of the amount of melted butter with garlic, is enough to make it clear that no one likes the snail meat,” another netizen criticized on the Reddit site.

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