5 Tourism Recommendations in Padang


Padang offers complete tour packages, ranging from nature, history to culinary tourism. The following are recommendations for Padang tourism.

For those of you who are spending the Lebaran holiday in Padang, there are quite a few choices of places to travel. Already so, the location is relatively easy to reach.

Quoted from CNNa number of tourist attractions can be visited by a traveler easily.

The following are recommendations for Padang tourism for Eid holidays:

1. Miniature Makkah Padang

Miniature Makkah is located in Lubuk Minturun, Koto Tengah District, Padang. As the name implies, Miniature Makkah is a mosque area that is made similar to the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia which is the destination for Muslim pilgrimages.

In addition to the similar looking buildings, in this area there are also various collections of domesticated animals such as camels, pythons, to large fish. This location also presents natural scenery with green hills.

The combination of natural tourism, education, with a touch of spiritual tourism can be a suitable Lebaran tourist destination when you go to Padang.

2. Adityawarman Museum

Museums in PadangMuseum in Padang Photo: (gedeleo/d’Traveler)

Museum tourism destinations are very suitable if you want to travel as well as at the same time want to provide education to your children. Adityawarman Museum is the right choice if you visit Padang.

The museum, which was founded in 1977, is named after one of the most famous kings in Malayapura, Raja Adityawarman.

Adityawarman Museum stores many historical objects. There are collections of geology, history, fine arts, to biology.

3. Cubadak Island

Cubadak Island is one of the tourist destinations from Padang tourism recommendations during the Lebaran holiday that can be visited.
Cubadak Island is located 30 km south of the center of Padang City, so it is still fairly easy to reach.

The atmosphere on Cubadak Island is still very beautiful and calm, perfect for those of you who want to let go of their tiredness for a moment. On this island you will be presented with a stretch of white sand, clear sea, and a very beautiful underwater ecosystem.

4. Anai Valley Nature Reserve

waterfallwaterfall Photo: (Randy/detikTravel)

The next natural tourist destination that you must visit is the Anai Valley. Unmitigated, in this Anai Valley Nature Reserve tour there are at least 7 waterfalls scattered in this nature reserve area.

If you want to enjoy the waterfalls in the Anai Valley, you are required to explore it on foot. But no need to worry, all the fatigue you feel will be paid off with the natural beauty of this waterfall in the Anai Valley.

5. Lubuak Rantiang Waterfall

The next recommendation for Padang tourism during the Lebaran holiday is Lubuak Rantiang Waterfall.

Lubuak Rantiang Waterfall is located on the Angah River, Balai Gadang, Koto Tangan, and is only about 25 km from Padang City.

In addition to enjoying the waterfalls that are still beautiful, you can also generate adrenaline by doing light off-roading, either by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.

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