5 Tourist Attractions in Ende NTT, from Lake Kelimutu to the Bung Karno Museum


Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, has natural and historical tourism. Here’s a recommendation Ende travel.

The city of Ende, nicknamed the City of Pancasila, because it witnessed the birth of Pancasila. Every commemoration of the Birthday of Pancasila, Ende always presents a national parade.

To commemorate the historic moment of Pancasila’s Birthday, you can watch the national parade or visit historical tourist attractions in Ende Regency, NTT.

Among the most iconic are the Bung Karno Reflection Park and the Bung Karno Museum (Bung Karno’s House of Exile). These two historical attractions are silent witnesses of the birth of Pancasila.

Here are 5 tourist attractions in Ende, NTT, which are interesting to visit:

1. White Sand Beach

This white sandy beach is a place for turtles and turtles to lay their eggs.

This white sandy beach is located in Ndona Timur District, 20 kilometers from Ende City, Ende Regency, NTT.

2. Green Pebbles on Penggajawa Beach

Penggajawa Batu Hijau Beach is a beach with a stretch of green rock. This tourist attraction is located in Penggajawa Village, Nanga Panda District, Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

The distance from Ende City, the capital of Ende Regency to Batu Hijau Beach is 20 kilometers. Travel time by land transportation is 20 minutes.

3. Lake Kelimutu

Kelimutu LakeKelimutu Lake (Bekti Yustiarti/d’Traveler)

Kelimutu Lake is located in the Kelimutu National Park area. Kelimutu Lake and National Park is located in Kelimutu District, Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. This lake is only 55 kilometers from Ende or 100 km from Maumere.

The beauty of Lake Kelimutu cannot be separated from the three colored lakes, namely Tiwu Ata Polo (red lake), Tiwu Nua Muri Koo Fai (blue lake) and Tiwu Ata Mbupu (white lake). These three lakes can change color, which is caused by the mineral composition in the lake.

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