5 Weird Foods on TikTok Make Nausea, From Monkey Brains to Fried Rats


Cooking content on TikTok is getting more and more diverse. From contemporary food, to strange and extreme foods that make the audience nauseous.

Watching cooking videos or eating videos on TikTok is fun. The duration of the video on TikTok is not as long as on YouTube, making viewers prefer to watch the video until it runs out. Especially cooking videos or food videos.

But among the many cooking videos hanging around TikTok. There are many extreme videos, which show a variety of unusual foods to eat.

Such as fried rats, monkey brains, until cooked Bulus and whole cow’s head.

Here are five cooking videos on TikTok that are extreme and make viewers nauseous.

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1. Monkey Brain

Extreme!  This TikToker Eats The Brains Of Monkeys Caught From The GardenExtreme! This TikToker ate the brains of monkeys caught from the garden Photo: TikTok/norlela67

A TikTok user @norlela67 is known to often share his daily life. Living not far from the plantation, he admits that he often experiences disturbance from wild animals.

Annoyed by the disturbance of wild animals, a TikToker named Norlela who lives in North Kalimantan explained that there were traps that were deliberately set to catch wild animals in the garden area. But there were different customs from Norlela and the surrounding residents.

The wild animals caught will be processed into food which will be consumed directly by the family of the garden owner. No exception for a monkey caught in the garden belonging to the Norlela family. Norlela even said that she likes to eat monkey brains because it has a delicious and delicious taste.

2. Bulus and Whole Cow’s Head

A Cambodian man named Ounsin also showed his cooking skills in a simple and traditional way. Often showing traditional cooking methods and various Cambodian dishes, this netizen even has more than 62 thousand followers on TikTok @ounsin0099.

It does serve simple traditional dishes, Ounsin also uses ingredients commonly consumed in Cambodia. One of them is processed from an animal similar to a turtle named Bulus.

A little extreme, not only bulus, but Ounsin also cooks beef heads which are still completely intact. Beginning with burning the cow’s head to remove the hairs, Ounsin cooks the beef head step by step using traditional Cambodian cooking techniques. He boils it with various spices and sauces, Ounsin cooks the beef head and tongue whole until done.

3. Chili Fried Rat

From @pakdinsemanggoi’s TikTok upload, two content creators from Vietnam are seen showing off a whole pile of mice. It is known, the rats he holds will be processed into delicious food dishes.

The two of them immediately prepared a large cauldron of hot water. Cooking with a traditional stove, the dead rats are boiled one by one to clean the skin.

After the rats are cooled and skinned, the spices for cooking the rats in the form of spices are also prepared. There was no horror on the faces of the two content creators. Like frying chicken, the two of them were so relaxed in frying the mice until they were brown.

The dry-fried rats are then served with a mixture of sliced ​​chilies and mashed spices as a dip. The two content creators even showed their actions when eating Chili Fried Rats.

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