68 Percent of Premier League Players Experience Bullying on Twitter

68% of Premier League players were bullied on Twitter during the first half of last season. This was revealed in a report released by British media regulator Ofcom, Tuesday (2/8).

In collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for scientific data and artificial intelligence, Ofcom found that nearly 60,000 of the 2.3 million tweets sent to footballers playing in the Premier League during the first 5 months of the 2021/22 season were words. -harsh words.

The study revealed that 418 and 618 of the players questioned admitted to receiving harsh tweets, with 8% of the bullying being attributed to their characteristics, such as race or gender.

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About half of those abusive messages were targeted specifically at 12 players, who received an average of 15 abusive tweets per day.

Twitter was chosen because of its popularity among players.

“These findings reveal the dark side of football: said Director of Broadcasting and Online Content Ofcom Kevin Bakhurst. “Online bullying has no place in sport or society.”

“Social media companies should not wait for new rules to make their apps safe for users,” he continued. (AFP/OL-1)