7 Delicious Takjil in the World National Geographic Version, There’s Indonesian Banana Kolak!


Some countries have takjil which is the favorite of the people. According to National Geographic records, there are 7 popular takjil in the world, including from Indonesia!

Takjil or dishes for breaking the fast are usually light and sweet snacks. Each place has a different special takjil.

Usually these takjil become the identity of an area when Ramadan has arrived. Crowds of people will hunt for the takjil menu to be served at iftar.

Not only in Indonesia, other countries also have special takjil menus. According to National Geographic records, there are at least 7 takjil menus that are popular in the world.

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Here are 7 popular takjil menus in the world according to National Geographic:

7 Delicious Takjil in the World National Geographic Version, There's Indonesian Banana Kolak!This warm soup made from lentils has become one of the popular takjil in several countries in the Middle East. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/AmalliaEka

1. Shorbat Fennel, Middle East

Being an area filled with many Islamic countries, the Middle East certainly never misses the holy month of Ramadan without festivities. In Middle Eastern countries, especially in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Lebanon, there is a special takjil menu that is always served in the homes of Muslim families.

Named shorbat adas, this dish is made from lentils served with pitta chips. Red lentils will be cooked with turmeric, cinnamon, parsley, and lemon until carrots, onions and potatoes are added to provide more nutrition as an iftar meal.

2. Harira, Morocco

Similar to cream soup, harira which is a typical Moroccan takjil is usually enjoyed with some dates. Harira is a combination of various crops such as lentils, peas, vermicelli, tomatoes to various animal meats.

It is said that Harira also became takjil the most easily adapted to the tastes of each family. Some use vermicelli or rice, add beef or lamb, and are usually accompanied by pastries made of honey.

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