7 Facts about Kunti Island in Sukabumi, scary as the name suggests or not?


Kunti Island is one of a number of small islands in the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Geopark area, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. The island was named because it is often heard the typical laughter of spirits on the island.

Kunti Island is located at the tip of the peninsula in the Mount Badak area of ​​the Cikepuh Wildlife Sanctuary or Cibanteng Nature Reserve. This island has white sand, rows of coral remnants of volcanic lava, and there are still rows of trees.

The existence of this island has been increasingly recognized since Ciletuh was included in the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) list in 2018.

Here are the facts about Kunti Island in Sukabumi:

Kunti Island SukabumiKunti Island Sukabumi Photo: Syahdan Alamsyah

1. Located in the CPUGG Kawasan area

Kunti Island is located in the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark area. To get to this location from the capital of Sukabumi Regency in Palabuhanratu, it is a 40-kilometer journey.

One hour away by car or about 40 minutes by motorbike.

2. Extreme Roads and Stunning Views

Make sure your body and vehicle are in top condition. The access road to the location is indeed smooth, but it is full of turns, steep climbs and descents.

Although fairly extreme, the scenery along the way is very beautiful. You can stop briefly at Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa, Loji District.

The next trip, there are treats with a stretch of Palabuhanratu Bay, because the position of the road is in a hilly area.

3. Accessed By Boat

Arriving at the Ciletuh White Sand Beach location, the next destination is Palangpang Pier. At the pier, please look for fishermen who own tourist boats.

They will deliver directly from the pier to Kunti Island. The fare is around IDR 30 thousand per person for round trip. When visiting the area, detikJabar was accompanied by Pak Saman, a resident and Geo Ranger of CPUGG.

The distance taken by boat is approximately 5 kilometers or takes about 30 minutes. If they happen to meet fishermen, as well as the right guide, visitors will be given knowledge about the CPUGG area.

4. Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kunti Island area is actually located on a peninsula in the Cikepuh Wildlife Sanctuary or Cibanteng Nature Reserve. Kunti Island is a row of former volcanic lava in the past.

In the Kunti Island area, there are a variety of unique habitats, ranging from Javanese eagles and deer. To enter the nature reserve area, tourists need a permit in the form of a hearing or a permit to enter a conservation area.

“Kunti Island which is at the end of the peninsula is formed from Melan Rock sediments. It is estimated that its age is between 55 million years to 65 million years. All the results of fault reduction cannot be broken again by the rock from the sea. Because there were found fossils called numulates,” said Saman , Geo Ranger who guides detikJabar, some time ago.

He explained that Kunti Island is only a row of conglomerate rocks called reduced melan rocks, then exposed to the surface combined with the Ciletuh mud sediments. “The shape is like a dam. Well, this hollow dam is what produces a laughing sound when the waves hit,” said Saman.

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