71 Years of Waiting Ends, Persipa Pati Escapes League 2

The 71-year wait for Persipa Pati to ‘level up’ in the Indonesian football competition, is over. This season, Persipa Pati ensure promotion to Liga 2 next season.

Persipa Pati was promoted to the Indonesian League 2 after being runner up in Group C in the national round of the last 16 of the 2021/2022 Indonesian League 3 by earning 4 points from three matches. The manager of Persipa Pati, Dian Dwi Budianto, said he was grateful for the achievements.

According to him, promotion to League 2 is a long struggle carried out from players, coaches, management, to the support of the supporters who always support. “Alhamdulillah, we have been able to bring Persipa Pati to end the long wait,” he said, Monday (14/3).

Since its establishment 71 years ago, Persipa Pati has never been promoted to the second tier of football competition in Indonesia. “Since 71 years, apart from the first time Persipa was founded, there has never been a promotion to league 2,” he explained.

Persipa Pati’s passage to Liga 2 next season was warmly welcomed by the fans. “I am a Persipa Pati supporter, very happy that my proud football team has finally qualified for the Indonesian League 2,” said Fajar Arasyid, a Persipa Pati supporter. (OL-15)