8 Months of Tesla Car Indent, When It Comes with Striped Tires


A consumer of electric cars Tesla complained about the electric car he had just received from the dealer. Because the tires installed on his car have different brands and types. Even though the indent has been for months.

Reporting from Carscoops, this incident happened to a Tesla customer named Ethan Joseph. Some time ago Ethan just received the Tesla Model X Plaid that he had ordered since 2021. However, it took about seven months for the electric car to arrive at his house.

When the electric car arrived at home, Ethan immediately checked. It didn’t take long for Ethan to immediately realize that there were a number of problems with his new Tesla car.

In one of his tweets on Ethan’s Twitter account @EZbroni, he uploaded a photo showing a pair of his Tesla Model X Plaid tires. If you look closely, the tires used on electric cars are different.

Ethan’s Tesla Model X Plaid is equipped with a pair of Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tires measuring 255/45R20 at the front. Meanwhile, the rear tires use Continental CrossContact LX Sport Touring All-season measuring 275/45R20.

In addition to different brands, compounds, and tread patterns, these tires are also designed to be used in different seasons. The front tires are specially designed for use in winter only. While the rear tires can be used in all weather conditions.

Of course, each tire has a different level of grip and characteristics. Using tires with different types can be dangerous for car drivers under certain conditions.

Knowing this, Tesla is offering free rear tire replacements in the coming days, because currently the tire stock at the factory is empty. Even so, Ethan said he was not satisfied with the options offered by Tesla.

Tesla Model X with Falcon Wing. Photo: Tesla.com

Ultimately, Tesla will deliver a completely new electric car for Ethan and is expected to arrive in July. That means, if calculated from the time he first placed an order, he had to wait about 11 months.

Using Different Brand Car Tires, Is It Safe?

Reporting from Auto2000, try not to replace tires with different brands. You see, each tire brand must have different performance due to different design and manufacturing processes. This is also to maintain the comfort and safety of driving.

Goodyear is the world's leading tire manufacturer, which always puts the latest technological findings as part of improving the quality, performance and safety of its users.  This was introduced by Goodyear Global when presenting Electric Drive Technology on Efficient Grip Performance tires at the Geneva Motor Show in March last year.Goodyear electric car tires Photo: Goodyear

Tires also have different designations, for example between wet and dry tires, SUV and sedan tires, or passenger tires and commercial tires. Not to mention the material and construction of tires that are not the same even though the size is exactly the same because it is related to the needs of the use of tires.

In addition, if the pattern or tire tread pattern is slightly different, it will disrupt stability when the car is driving on the road. The type of compound and grip of each tire brand may also be different. As a result, the grip of the tires used will not be the same.

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