Adiputro and Tentrem Already Have, When is Laksana Making UHD Buses?


In addition to the double decker and sleeper class, another bus that is currently on the rise in the AKAP (Inter-City Inter-Provincial) transportation industry is the UHD (Ultra High Decker) type bus. The body of Adiputro was the first to make a UHD bus, followed by the body of Tentrem. Then when is Laksana’s turn for the body?

Technical Director of Laksana, Stefan Arman said, Laksana will make UHD type buses if there is a demand from the market. According to Arman, Laksana always listens to input from bus operators in Indonesia.

“For UHD, later if there is a request from the person next to me (President Director of PO SAN, Kurnia Lesani Adnan), we will consider this,” said Arman jokingly.

PO Harapan Jaya officially operates the Avante D1 bus made by the Tentrem bodyUHD Tentrem Bus Photo: Doc. calm

Arman continued, adding that Laksana always collaborates with bus operators in Indonesia. “We are aware that in the end it is the passengers that are important. The words of the passengers who are closest are definitely the operators, both Pak Sani (PO SAN) and also Pak Teddy (Sinar Jaya) know better what the passengers (buses) are really saying. ) hope,” continued Arman.

For information, UHD buses were created because there is a need for bus operators to carry passengers and goods in large quantities at once.

Dimensionally, the UHD bus is higher than the SHD (Super High Decker) bus, but lower than the double decker bus. As an illustration, the UHD bus has a height of 4 meters, then the SHD bus is 3.9 meters, and the double decker bus is 4.15 meters. The length of the UHD bus reaches 13,500 mm with a width of 2,500 mm.

Double Decker Bus and UHD PO Sempati Star made by AdiputroAdiputro UHD Bus Photo: Doc. Adiputro

UHD buses have separate cabin space between driver and crew, as well as passengers. The passenger cabin is on the top deck of all. Meanwhile the driver and his space crew were on the lower deck. In addition, at the bottom of the UHD bus, it also has a very large capacity luggage.

Currently, only two body bodies are producing UHD buses, namely Adiputro with Jetbus 3+ UHD body and Tentrem with Avante D1 body. Operators that have used UHD buses include PO Sudiro Tungga Jaya, Pandawa 87, Harapan Jaya, Sempati Star, and Rosalia Indah.