After bad results, Azrul Ananda resigns as CEO of Persebaya

AZRUL Ananda officially resigned from his position as President of Persebaya Surabaya following a number of bad results achieved by the team nicknamed Bajul Ijo in Liga 1 this season.

“I decided, I will resign as CEO of Persebaya,” said Azrul at the Persebaya management office, Friday (16/9l).

The series of bad results achieved by Persebaya lately, said Azrul, was purely his fault.

“Actually, after the match against PSM Makassar, we had a meeting, there was a plan A, plan B and others. But the situation has changed, I decided, never mind, maybe I am not the right person to hold Persebaya,” he said.

With this decision, Azrul will soon complete the legal process of his resignation as CEO. However, he confirmed that he would remain at Persebaya until this season’s League 1 competition was completed.

“We will solve all responsibilities, all responsibilities as best we can. We will resolve legally as best we can in a positive and best way,” said Azrul.

“I am not someone who runs away from responsibility, I will finish this. We will finish this season as best we can,” he said.

On that occasion, Azrul asked the coaches and players not to worry about his fate after his resignation.

“Don’t worry about the players, the coaches, we will solve everything without complaints or anything. We will continue to support this team to achieve maximum results until the end of the season,” he said.

Azrul ensured that Persebaya would still be held by the people of Surabaya after he did not serve as CEO.

“This is what I have to make sure that Persebaya must remain in Surabaya, cannot go out. And Persebaya must be held by people from Surabaya,” he concluded. (OL-8)