Agile Electric Motorcycle Ready to Release Two New Models, There is a Big-Style Scooter


Uwinfly electric motorcycle under the umbrella of PT Tangkas will release two new models. Consumers can pre-order in advance, because this electric motorcycle will only be launched in August 2022.

The CEO of PT Tangkas (Uwinfly), Agung Pamungkas or commonly called Don Papank, said that the two new electric motorcycle models that will be introduced are the X7 and P6.

As is known, Uwinfly, which comes from the city of Tianjin, China, currently has factory facilities located in the Candi Industrial Estate, Semarang, Central Java. Uwinfly-Tangkas also collaborated with Electricity Expert, Ir Arif Wahyu Adi, MSc., MBA who is also an expert in Battery Expert.

Don Papank explained, X7 and P6 have security features with Battery Management System technology. This component serves to protect and regulate the work cycle of the battery in electric vehicles. Simply it prevents overcharge and overdischarge of the battery.

“People no longer need to wait for the battery to be full or overcharged,” said Don Papank.

The specifications and prices of the two motorbikes have not been officially revealed. While the difference between X7 and P6 in general lies in the design.

PT Tangkas UwinflyTangkas X7 Photo: PT Tangkas

X7 has a large scooter-style design. Its sporty appearance is emphasized by its wide body and gambot tires. While the P6 has a design similar to most electric scooters, which carries a square line angle.

PT Tangkas UwinflyTangkas P6 Photo: PT Tangkas

According to a leak from one of the e-commerce outlets that market Uwinfly, the X7 electric motorbike is priced at Rp. 19.8 million. While the P6 has not been revealed.

On the other hand, the X7 is said to have a mileage of up to 80 kilometers which is equipped with a 72V/32AH battery. While the top speed reaches 65 km / hour. Based on the specification data above, the X7 is sufficient to accommodate everyday trips.

Don Papank claims that these two motorcycles have been hunted by consumers. Currently, U-Winfly already has 11 showrooms spread throughout Indonesia.

“While the motorcycle was still pivoting, it was immediately attacked by buyers in 11 showrooms that were already owned by agile electric motors,” he said.

In addition, Tangkas also opens up franchise opportunities that want to become partners of agile electric motors. The information can be accessed through

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