Alhamdulillah, Hundreds of General Workshop Mechanics Can Experience Free Homecoming


The 2022 homecoming season has started, Indonesian people flocked back to their hometowns to let go of homesickness. This also applies to workshop mechanics in who want to return to their hometowns, even this year the mechanics can feel free going home, not only feeling black hands because they are dirty due to vehicle service.

This free homecoming for selected workshop mechanics was organized by PT ExxonMobil Lubricants Indonesia (PT EMLI) or the parent company of Federal Oilâ„¢ and Mobilâ„¢ Lubricants, together with the Indonesian Young Autobus Entrepreneurs Association (IPOMI), and PO Haryanto. He explained that this free joint homecoming was indeed held after the government allowed people to carry out homecoming activities during the 2022 Eid holiday.

He explained that this activity also invited hundreds of mechanics and their families to go home using buses provided by PO SAN which is part of IPOMI, and also buses from PO Haryanto.

“After the government allows going home for the community, we are trying as soon as possible to facilitate mechanics and their families, so that they can return to their hometowns. Of course, by continuing to carry out government recommendations to be able to go home healthy, safe, and comfortable during the trip, with support from IPOMI in prepare quality buses,” said PT EMLI’s Market Development Director, Sri Adinegara.

“This activity is also an appreciation for mechanics after almost 2 years of not going home, because the pandemic conditions have not subsided in Indonesia,” Sri Adinegara added in an official broadcast received by detikOto.

The mechanics dispatched by PT EMLI come from partner workshops spread across the Greater area. Meanwhile, Sri Adinegara also added that the mechanics and families who participated in this activity would be escorted to the destination city.

Hundreds of workshop mechanics feel free homecomingHundreds of mechanics for general workshops experience free homecoming Photo: Pool (PT ExxonMobil Lubricants Indonesia (PT EMLI))

“We are preparing buses to Jogja, Solo, Surabaya via the south route, and Surabaya via the north route, so that the stopping points can be closer to getting to their hometown,” said Sri.

Prior to departure, Kurnia Lesani Adnan as Chair of IPOMI ensured that the mechanics who were dispatched would be safe and comfortable during the homecoming trip.

“Healthy, safe and comfortable homecoming according to health protocol recommendations from the government, and the safety of the mechanics who are homecomers will be a priority of IPOMI. So that mechanics who go home can feel and enjoy bus facilities during the trip,” said Kurnia Lesani Adnan.

This joint homecoming activity is a series of activities from the program entitled Sharing in the Month of Victory, which was held during April and May 2022. In addition to the homecoming program, there are also various other programs aimed at consumers, mechanics, and workshops.

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