Anti Mainstream Vacation Ideas in Popular Indonesian Destinations


Vacationing to popular destinations such as Bali, Bandung and others may be a lot of mainstream places that are crowded with tourists. Here, you try to go to hidden but exotic places in popular Indonesian tours.

In the release, Pegipegi share ideas for visiting anti-mainstream places so that your vacation is more exciting.

1. Bali

As one of the most popular destinations in the world, the Island of the Gods holds a myriad of fascinating natural and cultural tourist attractions. The Tianyar savanna, for example, presents a fairytale-like view of vast green grass in the rainy season and African meadows in the dry season.

Molenteng Hill could be the next alternative. This hill presents a panoramic view of a cluster of beautiful cliffs clad in green trees. The next destination is Taman Ujung Sukasada, which consists of buildings with Balinese carvings and ancient Balinese royal architecture, beautiful lotus ponds and stunning mountain views.

HillMolenteng Hill Photo: (Ni Kadek Yuni S/d’Traveler)

If you want something more challenging, you and your friends can go to Secret Beach Nusa Lembongan. This beach presents clear water conditions so you can see the corals under the sea without the need to snorkel. Other anti-mainstream reference places that can be visited are Bias Tugel Beach, Peguyangan Waterfall, Soka Beach, Gunung Kawi Temple, and Gunung Payung Beach.

You can order flight tickets from to Bali for under Rp. 800 thousand for TransNusa, NAM Air, and Lion Air airlines. The cheapest accommodation in Bali can be obtained starting from IDR 62,500 to IDR 120 thousand per night for guest houses, homestays, and one and two star hotels. While the cost of eating and drinking while in Bali is quite cheap, starting from Rp. 25 thousand per day.

2. Bandung

Bandung is no longer a foreign city for healing. With a series of natural and urban panorama charms that are thick with historical heritage, Bandung is often one of the main choices for tourists.

Sanghyang Heuleut offers a beautiful clear lake with rocks and hills around it. Visitors can enjoy the natural scenery, soak in the shallow lake, or test the adrenaline by jumping off the rocks to plunge into the lake. In Pangalengan, you can enjoy the sunrise at Sunrise Point Cukul from an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level. At night, photographers usually compete to hunt for views of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Sanghyang HeuleutSanghyang Heuleut Photo: (Princess Valentin Tamara/d’Traveler)

Stone Garden in the Mount Masigit area, Padalarang, can also be the next alternative. With a panorama of neatly arranged giant karst stones, visitors can take the best pictures with limestone hills in the background. Other unique places to visit are Bandung Viewpoint, Mushroom Hill, Singkur Village, Ranca Upas, and Rancabali Tea Plantation.

With an easy-to-reach location, you can order train tickets to Bandung at the cheapest price of Rp. 45,000 using the Economy class Cikuray Train from Pasar Senen Station – Bandung Station. In addition, there is the Argo Parahyangan Economy class train from Gambir Station to Bandung Station at a price of IDR 95,000 per person. You can also book bus & travel tickets to Bandung with prices starting from IDR 69,900.

The cheapest lodging prices that you can get start from Rp. 80 thousand for the type of homestay to Rp. 120 thousand per night for the type of guest house, capsule and one-star hotel. Meanwhile, the cost of eating and drinking while in Bandung starts from Rp. 30 thousand per day.

3. Yogyakarta

Jogja offers a myriad of charms that are worth exploring. In addition to the affordable cost of living, tourists often choose a vacation in this Student City because the people are friendly, many natural attractions are captivating, and have a high value historical and cultural heritage.

You and your friends can go to Kesirat Beach which is said to be the ideal place to enjoy the sunset while camping. Locals believe that watching the sunset from a height around this beach can bring deep peace. Next, go to Parangkusumo Sand Dunes in the morning or evening to see the beautiful sand dunes while sandboarding and taking selfies with friends with a desert-style backdrop.

Want to take pictures while a little adrenaline test? Dahromo Sky Door is the answer. You can take pictures at a door overlooking the panoramic view of the Sewu Mountains and Yogyakarta City. Teras Kaca Beach is also an interesting choice because it offers photo spots in the form of a glass-floored terrace overlooking the vast ocean.

Kesirat Beach, Gunung KidulKesirat Beach, Gunung Kidul Photo: Ignatius Damario Susanto/d’Traveler

Other references to anti-mainstream destinations in Jogja are Timang Beach, Pine Forest Mangunan, Kali Kuning, the slopes of Mount Merapi, and Stonehenge.

There are many transportation options to Yogyakarta. If you want to take a plane, the lowest fare range for Jakarta – Yogyakarta relations starts from Rp. 500 thousand for TransNusa, Lion Air, and Super Air Jet airlines. For trains, the cheapest tickets to Jogja can be obtained starting from IDR 190 thousand for Bogowonto Economy class. Meanwhile, the cheapest bus & travel ticket from to Jogja is IDR 165 thousand.

Regarding accommodation, you can get the cheapest budget room lodging with the types of homestays, guest houses, and hostels starting from IDR 47,000 to IDR 100,000 per night. As for three-star hotels, you can get starting from Rp. 115 thousand per night. The cost of eating and drinking in Jogja is also quite cheap, starting from Rp. 30 thousand per day.

Next is Lombok.

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