Atta Halilintar Threatened Cannot Use Bekasi FC’s Name

YOUTUBER and public figure, Atta Halilintar most likely will not be able to use the name Bekasi FC for his club in navigating Liga 2 next season. The reason, the name has been registered by someone else.

Even that person named Erick, has pocketed a Bekasi FC certificate from Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI). He holds the name rights to Bekasi FC from 23 June 2020 to 23 June 2030 and can still be extended.

This was revealed after Erick’s HAKI Bekasi FC certificate was widely circulated on social media. The East Jakarta resident has also contacted Atta not to use the name Bekasi FC.

“I sent a subpoena two days ago through a letter by my lawyer,” said Erick when contacted by the media crew.

Erick explained that until now Atta’s side had not yet responded to the summons he had given. He admitted that he was ready to take the matter to law if Aurel Hermansyah’s husband continued to use the name Bekasi FC. “If it continues, it will be forced to take legal action,” he said.

Previously, Atta decided to change the name of AHHA PS Pati to Bekasi FC. Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium will reportedly be the home used for the team to host their opponents.

Atta together with Putra Siregar acquired Putra Safin Group (PSG) Pati last year. They then changed the name of the club to AHHA PS Pati. However, the name AHHA PS Pati cannot be used in Liga 2 2021 so it continues to use PSG Pati. The reason is because the name has not been ratified in the PSSI Congress. (Goal/OL-15)