Back to Indonesia, Chery does this so that consumers don’t disappoint again


The Chinese car Chery has officially returned to Indonesia and is ready to enliven the tough competition in the Indonesian automotive industry under PT Chery Motor Indonesia. However, Chery is aware that being able to gain consumer trust in Indonesia is not easy, especially since Chery already has its own story in Indonesia.

President Director of PT Chery Motor Indonesia, Tao Yong admits Chery has a bad history in Indonesia. But Chery promised, Chery’s return to Indonesia this time with much more mature preparation.

“When it comes to old consumers, our old friends used our Chery product, QQ, maybe at that time our preparation was not enough, we finally left the Indonesian market. But we learned from it, we prepared everything and decided to return to Indonesia with a new product. which is in accordance with the demand of the Indonesian market,” said Too Yong.

Chery Omoda 5 goes into productionChery Omoda 5 (Chery International)

Too Yong added that Indonesian consumers now don’t have to worry, because Chery comes with much better preparation.

“Consumers don’t need to worry, the cherries that we bring today offer new technology, which adds to our confidence (returning to Indonesia),” said Too Yong.

“In addition, for previous Chery customers, we will still welcome them and the bottom line is the problem with old customers is aftersales, and we will ckd after sales so that they can give them a sense of trust and they can trust again,” concluded Too Yong.

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