Bali United Get Hendra Bayauwo

BALI United again introduces new players for the 2022/2023 season. As expected, the player is winger from Maluku, Hendra Adi Bayauw.S

Previously, there were many rumors circulating regarding Hendra’s joining. In the 2021/22 season, 29-year-old Hendra strengthened TIRA Persikabo, with a record of 21 appearances, scoring one goal. Of course, Hendra’s name appeared after a recommendation from the Bali United coach, Stefano Cugurra.

The figure who is familiarly called Teco wants a deep squad with enough senior players. Hendra has long experience in Indonesian football, including defending the Indonesian national team at various levels.

“We have officially recruited Hendra Adi Bayauw to strengthen the front lines. Hopefully Hendra can adapt quickly and can bring Serdadu Tridatu to excel in various upcoming competitions,” said Yabes Tanuri, CEO of Bali United.

Previously, Bali United had already introduced Ridho Djazulie for the new goalkeeper position. There are still other names that will be introduced, and it is predicted that they will be Jajang Mulyana, Novri Setiawan, and possibly Ramdani Lestaluhu.

Meanwhile, PSIS Semarang seems quite happy with the impact of Rachmad Hidayat who was recruited in the second half of last season from PSMS Medan. Rachmad will certainly remain with Laskar Mahesa Jenar for the 2022/2023 competition.

Rachmad is considered to have made a positive contribution to the 14 appearances he made last season, of which ten came on as substitutes. Aged 31, Rachmad is known as a winger who is also a playmaker.

“Alhamdulillah, we will return to PSIS uniforms again next season. Hopefully we can contribute more and be able to bring PSIS achievements,” said Rachmad.

“In addition, the reason for accepting the extension of the PSIS contract is because at PSIS the atmosphere is very comfortable and family-friendly and the support from Panzer Biru and Snex is extraordinary,” he said. (Goal/OL-15)