Bali United’s Road is Getting Smoother to the Champion’s Ladder

BALI United is getting stronger at the top of the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 standings after overthrowing Madura United 2-0 in the 32nd week match at Kompyang Sujana Stadium, Denpasar, Bali, Monday (21/3).

Two goals from Serdadu Tridatu were contributed by Ilija Spasojevic in the first half and Eber Bessa in the second half.

In the first half, Bali United immediately attacked the Laskar Sape Kerrab defense, as evidenced by Eber Bessa’s opportunity in the 11th minute, but Madura United goalkeeper Hong Jeong-nam could still anticipate.

Bali United’s efforts finally resulted in a goal in the 24th minute with Spasojevic’s header utilizing a free-kick that was executed by Stefano Lilipaly and made the position 1-0.

Conceded, Madura United tried to get the goal back, but it was Bali United who had several opportunities, such as in the 30th minute through Ricky Fajrin, but goalkeeper Hong could still be saved.

Goalkeeper Hong again saved Madura United’s goal in the 32nd minute by stifling the round skin that was kicked hard by Sidik Saimima.

Until the first half ended, there were no additional goals even though the two teams had traded attacks each other so that the temporary position lasted 1-0.

In the second half, Madura United tried to kick in, but Bali United did not want to relax the attack scheme and instead got the second goal.

In the 59th minute, Bali United increased their advantage with a goal that Eber Bessa scored without being able to overcome by goalkeeper Hong, making the score change to 2-0.

Madura United actually got a golden opportunity through a penalty because their player, Bayu Gatra was violated by Willian Pacheco in the 67th minute, but Alberto Goncalves’ shot could not get past Bali United goalkeeper Nadeo Argawinata.

Apparently, Madura United did not want to give up and continued to press the opponent’s defense with the opportunity he got in the 75th minute, but David Laly’s shot was less accurate towards Bali United’s goal.

Several times, Madura United tried to catch up, but Bali United’s defense could overcome it until the match ended with Bali United’s victory with two goals without reply.

With this victory, Bali United is getting stronger as the leader of the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 standings with 72 points, or a difference of five points from Persib Bandung in second place, while Madura United is in 10th position with 38 points. (OL-8)