Bandung’s Cihapit Market Has Delicious Culinary, There’s Surabi to Legendary Warsun


Cihapit Market not for shopping for daily necessities, but there is also a variety of interesting culinary delights. There is a legendary Sundanese stall, delicious surabi and yellow rice.

Bandung has no end in culinary matters. There are always delicious and interesting places to eat around every corner. In fact, the culinary in the traditional market area is no less delicious to dig into.

One of the popular markets in Bandung is Cihapit Market. In this market, foodies can find legendary Sundanese stalls, lotek, and surabi which are famous for being delicious.

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1. Surabi Cihapit

The Famous Delicious Culinary of Cihapit Market, Bandung Photo: Google Review / Astri Pujiarti

Surabi typical of Bandung has a different appearance from other areas. The dough is made from rice flour mixed with coconut milk, resulting in a savory taste.

Surabi Bandung size is thicker and bigger. The toppings used are also varied, there are savory and sweet variants. One of the popular Surabi sellers in Bandung is in the area Cihapit Market.

His name is Surabi Cihapit, which has been selling since 1991. The most popular menus are Surabi Kinca and Oncom. The price starts from IDR 3,000 only.

2. Lotek Cihapit Ibu Siti

Culinary Market Cihapit, Bandung which is famous for its deliciousFamous Delicious Culinary in Cihapit Market, Bandung Photo: Google Review / Michael Surjanto

Not far from the Cihapit Market area, you can find a delicious lotek place to eat. Lotek is a typical West Java dish in the form of various boiled vegetables served with peanut sauce and crackers, much like gado-gado.

Warung Lotek Cihapit Ibu Siti is famous for being delicious. It turns out that this simple shop has been legendary since the 1970s. No wonder this restaurant is always full of visitors.

Ibu Siti’s lotek concoction consists of various boiled vegetables, fried tempeh and tofu, rice cake, peanut sauce, and crackers. The price for a portion of the lotek is IDR 18,000. There are also other menus such as karedok, gule rice, soup, and others.

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