Besides Singapore and Manila, Lukas Enembe also gambles here


Papua Governor Lukas Enembe has become a concern because of the spread of photos and videos of himself in gambling places or casinos.

Coordinator of the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI) Boyamin Saiman said Lukas Enembe has several favorite gambling places in various countries. Some of them are in Malaysia to Manila, Philippines.

“The gambling places that Lukas Enembe subscribes to, for example at Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, Genting Highland automatically in Malaysia and Singapore are casinos in Crockford Sentosa until I have a photo of them and there are also some, both male and female So Mr. Lukas Enembe’s followers abroad,” said Boyamin Saiman to detikcom, Saturday (24/9/2022).

Genting Highland itself does have an international standard casino. Only taken in 1 hour 30 minutes by car, gambling addicts can reach the Genting Haighland area, an area on top of steep hills.

Team had the opportunity to stop by at Genting Highland in 2011. Let’s get to know about Genting Highland more deeply.

To get to this gambling place, you have to take a winding road with steep hills. The road to Genting is at 2,000 meters above sea level (masl) with two lanes more than 30 meters wide. The road was smooth without the slightest hole.

Genting Highland view from the cable carView of Genting Highland from the cable car Photo: Lena Ellitan/d’Traveler

In this Genting area, travelers who come not only vacation but also play gambling. Gambling addicts from various worlds are all there. Towards the corridor where the casino is located, there is a picture of Jackie Chan depicting the Hong Kong film actor who has also tried his luck in gambling in Genting.

Almost all the world’s artists have visited the area. Entering the gambling area, Malaysians, especially Muslims, are prohibited from entering. However, non-Muslim Malaysians are allowed to gamble.

Genting has its own authority which is permitted by the Malaysian government. Area managers have their own security. At nightfall, all those who would try to enter the gambling arena would be asked for a passport by the guards.

To get to the gambling location, you have to go through the corridors and escalators several times. If it’s the first time we come to that location, we might get lost and go round and round in that location. In this gambling arena, we are free to choose various forms of games, from electronic gambling to dice.

Visitors just have to choose which room they want to use, some are air-conditioned and special for smokers.

Most of those who came were Chinese and Indonesian citizens. This gambling location in Genting, is said to be the most beautiful, than Singapore. Naturally, because this place is in the peak area surrounded by mountains.

If you want to play here, visitors must prepare a thick pocket in the range of tens of millions. Because the prizes offered by Casino de Genting can reach hundreds of millions, for one win.

Rudi (48), a resident of Bengkalis Regency, Riau, who in a conversation with the author, once admitted to winning Rp. 170 million. Once won, a festive atmosphere echoed in the gambling room. Fellow gamblers give each other a congratulatory shake even though they don’t know each other.

Rudi admitted, if we were indeed in gambling, then the name would be recorded in the gambling arena. In fact, he said, after winning, the gambling management will find out where to stay. Later the gambling management will come to the hotel room.

For the winner, the bookies will offer a place to stay at the Sultan Hotel in the area.

“When I won, the next day the gambling manager came to my room. Even though I wanted to go back to Indonesia, because there was an offer to stay for free at the Sultan Hotel, I finally delayed my return for another day,” said Rudi at the time.

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