BMW M 1000 R Launches, Naked Bike with a Savage Engine with a Calm Look


BMW Motorrad officially released naked bike their newest, M 1000 R. For size streetfighterthis bike has a pretty calm look, unlike the intimidating Kawasaki Z1000 Sugomi model or the Yamaha MT-10 which looks like a robot.

Quoted from Motoroidsthe latest BMW M 1000 R is equipped with a 999 cc inline four-cylinder engine, which produces a maximum power of 209 hp at 13,750 rpm or 45 hp more than the power of the BMW S 1000 R. The maximum torque of this motorbike is 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm, while on the S 1000 R 114 at 9,250 rpm.

BMW M 1000 RBMW M 1000 R Photo: Doc. BMW Motorrad

This motorbike is equipped with several driving modes, such as ‘Rain’, ‘Road’, ‘Dynamic’, ‘Race’ and ‘Race Pro1-3’, as well as the latest generation of Dynamic Traction. Not only that, there is also a wheelie control feature with a 6-axis sensor.

Next there are throttle and engine braking modes, launch control, hill start controlas well as tilt-sensitive electronic sensors, including features cruise control which is very useful on the freeway.

BMW M 1000 RBMW M 1000 R Photo: Doc. BMW Motorrad

Other features are quickshifter, namely changing gears or transmission quickly without using a clutch. This feature works when adding gear alias upshifting or when reducing teeth or downshifting.

BMW Motorrad has worked hard to reduce the weight of this bike by using carbon fiber in the fairing and a combination of other lightweight materials, having managed to make it up to 9 kg lighter.

The M 1000 R has been equipped with the new wider handlebars. In addition, it has also used a more sporty bar end rearview mirror model. Looking at the dashboard area, there is a full digital 6.4-inch TFT instrument panel that can be adjusted according to needs.

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