BMW Prepares Special Edition at the End of i3 Electric Car Career


BMW ends sales and production of the i3 electric car. As many as 250,000 BMW i3s have been produced at the BMW factory in Leipzig, Germany. Trying to answer the longing for lovers of BMW electric cars, this German automotive giant will release a final and limited edition of the BMW i3 which is called HomeRun Edition.

Quoted by autoblog, currently the choice of electric cars has started to arrive, but many do not know that the BMW i3 has debuted 10 years ago with a small battery capacity.

Many do not know, the BMW i3 is BMW’s first electric car to use a plastic structure reinforced with carbon or Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), an aluminum chassis mated to an electric motor and battery. BMW also says the interior of the BMW i3 uses recycled materials.

BMW ends i3 productionBMW ends i3 production Photo: Pool (BMW/Autoblog)

Now BMW’s first electric car has come to an end, and BMW is giving its lovers a special gift with 10 BMW i3 HomeRun Editions built for the i3s in a two-tone model that is the hallmark of the BMW Individual programme.

BMW did not explain how much the BMW i3 will sell for this final edition, although it is certain that the Leipzig factory will become the production base for the BMW Group’s electric cars, including the electric MINI Countryman.

BMW ends i3 productionBMW ends i3 production Photo: Pool (BMW/Autoblog)

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