Borneo FC Await Confirmation About Trial Match

BORNEO FC is still waiting for an answer from a number of teams who were invited to conduct a test match while the Pesut Etam squad underwent a training camp (TC) in Yogyakarta.

During their TC in Yogyakarta on 26 October-19 November, Borneo FC has scheduled at least four test matches with a number of teams.

“Now we just have to wait for answers from the teams we invited to try out while we are here,” said Borneo FC Assistant Coach Miftahuddin Mukson in his statement, Saturday (29/10).

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Without mentioning the details of the team invited to undergo a trial match, Miftah explained that the trial match was aimed at preparing for the resumption of the 2022/2023 Liga 1 competition.

Regarding the TC, which has been running for three days, he said the entire fleet was in very good condition. And, enthusiastic in undergoing training in Gudeg City. “All the players are also enthusiastic in training in Yogyakarta,” he added.

Miftah hopes that soon there will be certainty about the continuation of the League 1 competition. Given that several weeks have passed, without news of the highest caste football competition in Indonesia.

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“We all hope that there will be certainty about the competition. However, we still stick to the initial agenda, namely November 25,” concluded Miftah.

He admitted that 3-4 weeks of preparation would be ideal for Borneo FC. Because, at a time like now, the team has entered the stage of stabilization to carry out tactics and strategies, just like at the start of the season.

Moreover, he continued, Andre Gaspar as a substitute coach for Milomir Seslija, would have plenty of time to patent the desired game scheme. (Ant/OL-11)