Budi Karya’s Opinion on Promotion of Electric Cars in Tourism Areas


Bali was chosen as the location for the development of electric cars in Indonesia, this step was taken considering that Bali is one of the largest tourism areas in Indonesia. However, how effective is promoting electric vehicles in tourism areas for the electric vehicle population?

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya explained that to be able to build a new industry, a ‘Top of Mind’ strategy is needed, aka one thing that can enter people’s hearts.

“So if we start the industry, one, is top of mind, we convey this vision so that it enters the hearts of the people and this must be done consistently. People will see in the early days (Bali) what is new. Then they will do it ,” said Budi Karya, in Bali.

“Secondly, we need ‘Economies of scale’, for that we prioritize in big cities such as Jakarta, Bali, then we will create an ecosystem, easy service. Once tourism places are also the right locations,” Budi Karya added.

On the same occasion, Budi Karya also explained that the G20 was a moment to take the next step in the development of electric vehicles.

The detikcom team proves how tough an electric car can be driven for long-distance trips.  Hyundai Ioniq directly gas from to Bali.The detikcom team proves how tough an electric car can be driven for long-distance trips. Hyundai Ioniq directly gas from to Bali. Photo: Grandyos Zafna

“G20 is a moment for us to expose, but that’s not all, after the event we have to take a higher leap with a larger number (population of electric vehicles). As proof of the electric buses that we will exhibit or use at the time of the G20, there are 30 units, after that it will be directly used in Bandung and Surabaya as city buses in Bandung and Surabaya,” Budi Karya explained.

To be able to support the growth of electric vehicles in Indonesia, continued Budi Karya, the government will issue various policies that are in line with vehicle growth.

“There is one PP that requires several Ministries, such as the Coordinating Minister, the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Transportation, and others to be given instructions on what to do. The Transportation Department is asked to accelerate electric vehicles,” said Budi Karya.

“That’s why I came today to make this joint more enthusiastic, I am here to encourage EVs to grow more. We will carry out major regulations intensively, we even provide regulations to develop Indonesia, even Batam we also provide as a form of seriousness of the government for EVs,” he said.

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