Busquets Supports Barcelona’s Desire to Sign Franck Kessie

Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets has backed his club’s plans to sign AC Milan star Franck Kessie. So far, nothing has been confirmed from this issue, but Busquets believes the Barcelona squad will be even more promising if the Ivory Coast midfielder is strengthened.

Kessie, 25,’s contract at the San Siro will expire at the end of the 2021-2022 season. His name is widely associated with a row of top European clubs, including Barcelona.

“Physically, he is a tough player. He’s a player who loses a few balls, then someone who knows how to manage the game,” said Busquets.

Busquets believes that a typical player like Kessie will be very useful in the game system that Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandes wants and will help the team compete on the path to winning next season.

“For that, I am very sure, he will be reinforcements that can make us all look good. Kessie will help us,” continued this veteran Spanish player.

Busquets saw that Kessie would have no trouble adjusting to Xavi’s tactics. “He will adapt to Xavi’s game. However, that is the realm of our coach. I am happy because Barcelona is recovering and the players want to join us,” he concluded. (Goal/OL-15)