Buy Gacoan Noodles Through Jastip Received Instant Noodles


Gacoan Noodles, spicy noodle restaurant recently stole the attention. Because of the hits, there is a delivery service for this spicy noodle. Unfortunately, these netizens were duped.

A restaurant called Mie Gacoan from Yogyakarta is currently a hit among foodies. This restaurant offers processed spicy noodles with several levels of spiciness.

But until now, Mie Gacoan is not yet in Jakarta. The opening of their outlets in the Depok area is always crowded with foodies. Apart from the low price, many foodies are curious about the taste because there are always queues of buyers.

Because of the hits of this spicy noodle, until someone opened a food delivery service gacoan noodles. The existence of this deposit service is very helpful for those who want to taste it without having to queue.

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Jastip Mie Gacoan, Netizens Get Tricked with Instant Fried NoodlesJastip Mie Gacoan, Netizens Tricked with Instant Fried Noodles Photo: Twitter @FOODFESS2

Unfortunately, not all food delivery services are honest. Like the story of a netizen who was deceived by one of the Mie Gacoan services.

This netizen shared his story to the culinary forum on Twitter with the account @FOODFESS2 (30/5). In his tweet, this netizen wrote that he was annoyed with being cheated by the Mie Gacoan service.

“Jastip’s intention gacoan those who came were sad food huhu fess,” tweeted the unnamed netizen.

The netizen also shared a photo containing a screenshot of his chat with the person who offered the Gacoan Noodle service. Another photo shows two boxes whose contents are surprising.

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Jastip Mie Gacoan, Netizens Get Tricked with Instant Fried NoodlesJastip Mie Gacoan, Netizens Tricked with Instant Fried Noodles Photo: Twitter @FOODFESS2

Instead of getting the Mie Gacoan he ordered, the netizen only received instant fried noodles. The appearance of the instant noodles also looks normal without being given additional toppings.

Mie gacoan is supposed to be noodles wrapped in spices and a topping of finely chopped boiled chicken. Then given a complement of fried wonton skin pieces or fried dumplings.

In the conversation that was revealed by the netizen, it was known that the courier service offered Mie Gacoan at a price of Rp. 10,000 per portion. The low price, of course, makes netizens tempted.

Mie Gacoan Opens in Depok, There are Devil's Noodles and Spicy Demon NoodlesMie Gacoan Opens in Depok, There’s Devil’s Noodle and Spicy Devil’s Noodle Shock Photo: detikfood

This viral story has received likes from 5 thousand Twitter users. Many netizens commented on the story.

“Sorry to say, nder, actually it doesn’t seem to make sense, the price of gacoan is a dozen as far as I know (11-13k), then 20k does it include the Jastip fee or not? again, yes,” commented a netizen with the Twitter account @verdanttae ***.

“The original price is just like this (Rp. 10 thousand). Moreover, plus the cost of jastip. If you bought 2 for only 20k, you should have been suspicious from the start,” said another netizen who responded to the same thing.

Please note, the price of noodles offered by Mie Gacoan starts from Rp. 9,500 – Rp. 10,500 per portion. The price is indeed quite cheap, but usually when ordering via a courier service, the price goes up because there is a ‘deposit service’ fee. The price varies, ranging from IDR 15,000 – IDR 30,000 per food or object.

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