Careful! Today’s Ice Coffee Can Be Haram If There Are These Ingredients


At first glance, iced coffee sounds like a drink that can’t be haram, but it turns out that the addition of certain ingredients can make iced coffee haram. Starting from rum, Baileys, to Irish.

Iced coffee and iced coffee milk are now still a popular drink trend. The variants vary with the addition of flavored syrup, essence, toppings, to changing the type of coffee or milk used.

Muslim fans ice coffee need to be careful when eating his favorite drink. It turns out that there is a possibility that iced coffee is haram, even though basically coffee is halal food.

Dian Widayanti, a content creator who focuses on discussing halal food, explained that this was influenced by the addition of flavorings to the iced coffee. Some of these include rum, Baileys, Kahlua, Irish, and wines that clearly contain alcohol.

Careful!  Today's Ice Coffee Can Be Haram If There Are These IngredientsUsing Baileys and Kahlua can make iced coffee haram. Photo: Instagram dianwidayanti

Baileys is actually an alcoholic drink made from Irish whiskey, cream, sugar and cocoa. While Kahlua is a coffee-flavoured alcoholic drink originating from Mexico. Made from Arabica coffee and vodka.

“So what is haram is not the coffee, but the added flavor variant,” Dian wrote in her Instagram upload (9/1/2022). detikfood cites this information with its permission.

Even though the maker ice coffee they argue that they only use essence, not real alcohol, in fact rum essence may still contain real alcohol. The number can even reach 45%.

Moreover, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) asserts that any product that resembles or uses the name of a forbidden food or drink is still haram. Including rum, Baileys, Kahlua, Irish in the form of essence or flavoring syrup.

“There is no halal rum,” said Dian in a separate video (28/5/2021). This he conveyed considering that some coffee shops often convince Muslim customers that they use halal rum.

Careful!  Today's Ice Coffee Can Be Haram If There Are These IngredientsEssence rum, which is often used in modern iced coffee, may still contain alcohol. Photo: Instagram dianwidayanti

There are two possibilities regarding the halal rum claim. First, they use rum essence. As explained earlier, whether rum contains real alcohol or not, it is still haram according to the MUI.

Second, maybe the outlet coffee it uses aroma syrup which is not actually rum at all. “But it is often claimed as rum by the shop,” said Dian. The flavoring syrup may have received an MUI halal certificate, but it is clear that the name does not contain any rum elements.

Dian also suggested avoiding coffee shops selling rum at all. He informed that there are several coffee shops that are already halal according to the MUI so that they can be Muslim’s choice. The coffee shops include Starbucks, Promise Jiwa, Kopi Kenangan, Animo, and Maxx Coffee.

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