For Weekend Hangouts, Here Are 5 Cheap Modern Cafes in Bogor

Jakarta – Hangouts on cafĂ© synonymous with the price of expensive drinks. In fact, some of these cafes in Bogor have menus with pocket-friendly prices. Bogor on weekends is crowded with many people. Starting from visitors to tourist attractions to residents of Bogor City and its surroundings who want to relax while enjoying the city … Read more

Traumatized! This Man Finds Frog Carcass in His Daughter’s Burger

Jakarta – The McDonald’s burger ordered by his daughter took this man by surprise. Because in his burger he saw a dead frog. Apart from being disgusting, it is also traumatizing. Apart from rats and insects such as cockroaches, there are many animal discoveries to salty objects that make many people nauseous. Until the trauma … Read more