Charming Mosque Legacy of the Islamic Kingdom in Indonesia

Jakarta – Starting from Perlak in 840 AD, Islamic kingdoms began to spread throughout the archipelago. Leaving many relics that until now we can see firsthand. The various relics or historical evidence include tombstones and tombs of kings, dirhams, museums, forts, statues, and mosques. Besides being able to be seen directly, some of the relics … Read more

Here are 8 Thousand Islands Tourism Recommendations

Jakarta – The Thousand Islands Administrative District is one of the administrative areas in the DKI Province. Based on data from the official website of the Thousand Islands Administrative District, this archipelago has an area of ​​4,745.62 km2 with 8.76 km2 mainland, which consists of more than 110 islands. With so many islands, the Thousand … Read more

These are 10 tourist attractions that are in danger of disappearing from Earth

Jakarta – The issue of global warming has been around for a long time. Since then, several places in the world have been threatened with disappearance. Global warming causes sea levels to rise, forest fires and extreme weather phenomena. Indiscriminately, global warming is also hitting the whole world, including tourist attractions. Reported from Traveler, Friday … Read more

Go to Bandung, stop at the Legendary Mi Shake Cepay

Bandung – Mi shake is one of Bandung’s culinary delights that travelers are looking for. One of the popular noodle shake locations in Bandung is Mi Beat Cepay. What’s so special about it? There are two Mi Beat Cepay shops that you can visit, namely at GOR Pajajaran and on Jalan Samiaji. It is Mamat … Read more

Long Weekend at Dewa Dewi Cipiit’s Site, You Can Camp

Sukabumi – The Dewa Dewi Cipiit Lake in Sukabumi, West Java is perfect for filling your day off. Travelers can camp here. Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit is located in Tanjungsari Village, Central Jampang District, Sukabumi Regency. Fun, this lake tour surrounded by pine forests has an area of ​​​​7 hectares. With a large area, Situ … Read more

Looking for a Safe Beach for Swimming in Sukabumi? Try Cibangban Beach

Jakarta – One of the tourist attractions in Sukabumi Regency is the existence of a variety of beautiful beaches. In Palabuhanratu, the capital of Sukabumi Regency, there are many commercial beaches that present their own specialties. Starting from Karang Hawu Beach, Cibangban, Citepus, to Sawarna. The beach that will be discussed this time is Cibangban … Read more