4 Destinations in Singapore that Are Suitable for Releasing Stress

Jakarta – Almost everyone has experienced something called stress. Whether it’s because of work, personal problems or other life problems. Stress should not be allowed too long. Because in addition to affecting you in your activities, prolonged stress can also have an impact on physical and mental health. There are many ways you can do … Read more

A Glance Comparison of City Buses in Bangkok and Jakarta, the Winner…

Bangkok – Let’s compare the city buses in Bangkok and a little. At first glance, these experiences will determine which one is superior. According to us, who came to Bangkok some time ago, the first factor that really influences when taking city transportation that is not air-conditioned is the weather and temperature conditions. In this … Read more

Learn to Be a Human Who Likes Clean Living from Japan

Jakarta – Japanese fans are still the talk of the world for cleaning Qatar stadiums. So a clean human being is Japanese identity. The international media is busy discussing Japan’s cleaning habits. The nicknames “the most perfect guest” and “winner of hearts at the 2022 Qatar World Cup” were pinned on for Japanese fans. Japan’s … Read more

5 Facts about Angklung Village in Ciamis

Jakarta – Ciamis has an angklung village. Here are 5 facts about the village of Angklung. UNESCO designated angklung as a cultural heritage from Indonesia on November 16, 2010. For this reason, every November 16 is commemorated with World Angklung Day. Angklung is a musical instrument from West Java Province. Several areas in West Java … Read more

Introducing, This is ‘The Widow’ of Exotic Situbondo

Situbondo – There is a beautiful beach in Situbondo called Si Rondo aka Si Janda. What is the relationship between the beach and the social status of the widow? Si Rondo Beach is located in the Labuan Merak Baluran area, Situbondo. Beautiful and exotic, this beach is one of the popular destinations in Situbondo. Even … Read more

8 Facts about Apurva Kempinski, Luxury Hotel Venue for the G20 Summit

Jakarta – The Apurva Kempinski Bali is a hotel which is the main location for the G20 Summit. This luxury hotel has qualified facilities to captivating views. The highlight of the G20 Summit today, Tuesday (15/11/2022) took place at The Apurva Kempinski Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali. Heads of state and heads of monitored international institutions … Read more