Combo Pack! Eat well with Zombies, Vampires, and friends in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh – Usually, restaurants offer a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. But this time, how come you meet zombies? Quoted from Malay Mail by detikTravel, Sunday (30/1/2022), a restaurant in Riyadh, Shadows offers a scary atmosphere by meeting zombies to vampires. Travelers might see the spooky creature in a movie or in a haunted house, but … Read more

Start Your Morning in Singkawang with Legendary Pekong Porridge

Singkawang – What breakfast in Singkawang? Forget hotel food. Get out there and explore the city’s tantalizing breakfasts. One of them is the legendary Pekong porridge! Pekong Porridge. At first glance, when you hear his name, a traveler will definitely be curious and ask questions. What porridge is that? Turns out, the answer is beef … Read more

Tariti Sand Bunker, an Unmaintained Cultural Heritage in Rangkasbitung

Lebak – Rarely does anyone know that Rangkasbitung has evidence of past civilizations. In fact, there is a site in the form of a bunker which is now neglected. The bunker is located in Pasir Tariti Village, West Rangkasbitung Village, Rangkasbitung District, Lebak Regency, or rather behind the grounds of SDN 2 Rangkasbitung Barat. The … Read more

This is Karuhun Village, Nature Tourism Near Cisumdawu Toll Road

Sumedang – The existence of the Cisumdawu Toll Road is predicted to be a revival of the tourism sector in Sumedang Regency. One of the nearby attractions is Kampung Karuhun. As did this one tourist spot, namely Kampung Karuhun. This tourist spot, which is located in Citengah Village, South Sumedang District, has just added a … Read more

Not Bali, This is Just a Pangandaran Tourist Village

Pangandaran – Vacation to Pangandaran tourist attraction is not only trying out its natural beauty. Tourists must know that the center for seafood and nightlife is in the Tourist Village. The Pangandaran Tourist Village is located in the Pamugaran Block, the tourist area of ​​Pangandaran Beach, West Java, which is increasingly attracting attention. With rows … Read more

Luxurious Resort Jokowi-PM Singapore Meeting Location

Jakarta – Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) met Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at The Sanchaya Resort Bintan. The meeting location is famous for being luxurious with a tropical island feel. President Jokowi and PM Lee Hsien Loong signed and exchanged a number of memorandums of understanding on Tuesday (25/1/2022). Some of the points … Read more

Singapore’s Jokowi-PM Meet in Bintan, These are 5 Hits of Bintan Island

Jakarta – Bintan is the location of the meeting between Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. This island has an interesting tourist destination. Bintan Island is part of the Riau Archipelago which is currently a favorite destination, especially for Singaporean tourists. This is because of its close proximity. The crossing … Read more