Charged Brings Three Electric Motors to Indonesia, Can Rent IDR 1.65 Million a Month


Charged Indonesia manufactures electric motors in collaboration with Vmoto Soco Group to present three electric motors at once to the country.

Uniquely, these three motorbikes have unusual names, such as Anoa, Rimau, to Maleo. This is because Charged Indonesia is also campaigning for the richness of unique Indonesian fauna and wants to preserve the existence of this endemic animal in the country by naming their motorcycle line that way.

Electric Motor Charged Indonesia Anoa, Rimau, MaleoCharged Anoa Photo: doc. Charged Indonesia

The first electric motor they introduced was the Anoa. The Charged Anoa is conceptualized as a heavy-duty electric motorcycle, aka for commercial use.

Where, this electric motor is claimed to be able to carry loads of up to 150 kg and a maximum accommodation volume of 250 liters. To support his ability to work hard, Charged provides Anoa with 2 lithium ion batteries which are claimed to be able to reach a distance of up to 200 km.

Besides Anoa, Charged Indonesia also presents Rimau. This electric motorbike is plotted as a sporty vehicle and plotted as a motorbike that is suitable for daily commuters.

Similar to Anoa, Rimau is also equipped with two lithium batteries whose mileage is claimed to be able to penetrate 200 km. Charged Indonesia also claims this electric motor is capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 95 km per hour.

Electric Motor Charged Indonesia Anoa, Rimau, MaleoCharged Rimau Photo: doc. Charged Indonesia

Then another electric motor that is presented is the Maleo. Different from the two previous motorcycles, Maleo comes with a more compact stature.

The Charged Maleo is plotted as a true urban motorbike that is agile and efficient. This electric motor is only equipped with one battery with a maximum range of 125 km and a maximum speed of 75 km per hour.

Interestingly, Charged Indonesia offers these three electric motorbikes with a subscription or rental system. This is certainly a solution to the high price of electric motors.

“Charged Indonesia customers no longer need to worry about complicated insurance claims, high maintenance and operational costs as well as resale prices. Charged Indonesia offers two-wheeled vehicle users freedom of mobility using our electric motorbike with a subscription system,” said Stephanus Widi, Chief Commercial Officer Charged Indonesia on Monday (24/10/22).

Electric Motor Charged Indonesia Anoa, Rimau, MaleoCharged Maleo Photo: doc. Charged Indonesia

For now, Charged Indonesia will only open the faucet for their electric motorbike rental units for customers in the Jabodetabek area.

The rental packages have a duration of 6, 9, and 12 months with a subscription fee of IDR 1,650,000 per month excluding tax.

Uniquely, during the subscription period, Charged Indonesia allows its customers to exchange or replace the type of electric motor they want to use as needed.

The seriousness of Charged Indonesia can also be seen from the programs they offer. One of them is emergency assistance services on the road to free service.

“We hope to provide the right solution for people who want to freely enjoy the experience of driving an electric motorbike at an affordable cost, while contributing to the environment by reducing air and noise pollution,” concluded Stephanus.


News Error:

The news experienced an error because previously it was stated that the subscription fee of Rp 1.65 million included tax. However, the editor received a rebuttal statement stating that the nominal did not include tax.

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