Cheap and Beautiful Healing at Panyaweuyan Terrace


Majalengka has a cheap and beautiful spot healing. Travelers who like to explore and enjoy natural scenery should try to visit this place!

The tourism trend for healing continues to grow. This is in line with the continued increase in daily activities, especially after the easing of remote learning and working policies.

The need for tourist destinations that can unwind and refresh the view has never diminished. One of the destinations that can answer this need is the Panyaweuyan Terrace in Majalengka, West Java.

Panyaweuyan Terrace is located in Argapura District. This tourist destination can be reached in about 30 minutes from the city center of Majalengka.

The Panyaweuyan terrace offers the beauty of a neatly arranged expanse of green onion plants. In addition, the temperature and air in this area are also cool and clean. Making it a suitable destination to refresh the eyes and mind.

In addition to healing, this terrace is also a suitable place to hunt sunset. If the weather is favorable, a traveler can watch the sunset from a height.

Visitors enjoy Sunset at Panyaweuyan Terrace.Visitors enjoy the sunset at Panyaweuyan Terrace. (Erick Disy Darmawan/detikJabar)

In terms of facilities, Panyaweuyan Terrace is also equipped with quite complete facilities. Starting from various choices of comfortable seats and gazebos, toilets, prayer rooms, to stalls serving various snacks.

Not only that, to support the needs of travelers who like to capture the moment. Panyaweuyan Terrace also has many interesting photo spots.

“There are many interesting spots for photo mementos, above there are many gazebos, huts, now many toilets. Now a beautiful little prayer room is already standing. If you are hungry and want coffee, there are many stalls,” said Panyaweuyan Mulyadi Terrace tourism manager, Friday (5/8/2022) as quoted by detikJabar.

From the entrance counter to the top of Panyaweuyan, a traveler needs to climb stairs that are arranged snaking. But the traveler does not need to worry because this ladder is permanent and equipped with a solid handle.

Even so, travelers who bring children still need to be careful. Then for travelers who are not strong enough to walk to the top, they can still enjoy this destination in the lower area. In the parking area, a photo spot has been provided with the words Panyaweuyan Terraces written on it.

The price of admission to the Panyaweuyan Terrace is very affordable. Enough to pay Rp 5000 a traveler can already enjoy the beautiful scenery in it.

The cost of parking motorized vehicles in this area is also still very cheap. The parking fee for motorbikes is Rp. 2000, while for cars it is Rp. 5000.

Panyaweuyan Terrace is open every day until 17.00. For weekends and national holidays, the entrance counter has been open since 08.00.

“We will close at 17.00 WIB. We have to close, because usually the fog will start to fall when it is near Maghrib,” said Mulyadi.

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