Chelsea Determined to Be Strong in the Storm

The Chelsea SQUAD is eager to win against Newcastle United in the Premier League, Sunday (13/3) night. In the midst of the turbulence of club ownership, Thomas Tuchel’s men continued to try to put aside the noise off the pitch.

“This is for sure (playing) and this is what we demand of ourselves. During a big storm, you prepare and you stick together and hold on strong and get through it,” said Tuchel.

Tuchel stressed that he only wanted to focus on the match because he felt the turmoil that was happening was beyond his control as a coach. Full attention is paid to keep on winning every game.

He proved this in the last match against Norwich. The Blues in the last 10 games managed to secure nine wins. Tuchel did not deny the various speculations and rumors could have an impact on players.

“It’s always the best way for a football team, to keep winning. Of course also for us it might be a little bit more difficult at the moment because of the noise. There will be some players feeling uncertain, some maybe a little bit scared, some will be worried. That’s normal. he said.

“It’s very important for us to keep faith and belief in training, in all of us, and we rely on ourselves,” added Tuchel.

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He predicts the match against Newcastle will not be easy considering the Magpies are eager to invest in players and have a new coach. According to Tuchel, Newcastle are now stronger.

Newcastle manager, Eddie Howe, believes Chelsea will remain a formidable team despite being sanctioned by the British government on owner Roman Abramovich. Howe, who was named the league’s best manager for last February, expects Chelsea’s game to be unaffected.

Come to Stamford Bridge, Newcastle also want to extend their unbeaten run in the last nine matches.

“I don’t think it will affect Chelsea and how they play,” he said.