Chery Enliven Chinese Car Competition in Indonesia, Can You Beat Wuling and DFSK?


Automotive consumers in Indonesia now have more options as Chery returns to the national market. Chery, who made a comeback under PT Chery Mobil Indonesia, will also enliven the Chinese car competition in Indonesia, which was previously filled with Wuling and DFSK.

Chery is not really a new name in the Indonesian automotive market. They had time to sell in Indonesia although in a short period.

Chery did not last as long as his two ‘brothers’ namely Wuling and DFSK. The two brands have even strengthened their presence in Indonesia with a series of cars being introduced.

Then what is Chery’s response to the competition with Wuling and DFSK in Indonesia?

“We don’t really think about our competitors, either from Japan or China. Our current target is to fulfill our customer satisfaction,” said PT Chery Motor Indonesia’s President Director, Tao Yong.

Chery Tiggo 8 ProChery Tiggo 8 Pro Photo: Rengga Sancaya

However, Chery admits that the development of Chinese cars in Indonesia is experiencing rapid growth. “For Chinese products themselves in Indonesia, the development of Chinese brands has experienced significant growth,” said Too Yong.

Too Yong also said that both Chery and other Chinese car manufacturers have different targets. This makes Chery more confident to be able to return to Indonesia.

“Neighboring brands (Chinese car manufacturers in Indonesia), each of them has their own target and market. How much trust do we have? We are very confident, we bring new variants of new technology and something that is needed in Indonesia. We believe in Chinese brands will gain trust back,” Too Yong added.

For the record, Chery has not yet sold their units in Indonesia at this time, although Chery ensures that they will bring various products. One of them is the TIGGO series, which is claimed to be the result of integrating concepts and technology from Chery’s latest research and development results. TIGGO is claimed to have a design that is claimed to be more stylish, a beautiful interior, a high-tech configuration, and a smart driving experience.

Chery Tiggo 8 ProInterior of Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Photo: Rengga Sancaya

The TIGGO 8 PRO has a futuristic 2.0TGDI engine, equipped with the latest technology, a maximum power of 187 KW, and a peak torque of 400 Nm, which makes it a very good power performance.

Chery has also recently introduced its newest global model in China, the OMODA 5, which represents the future high-tech trend, with a stylish appearance and luxurious characteristics typical of global urban areas. As a crossover SUV, the OMODA 5 becomes a reference for new lifestyle trends with an exclusive and interactive appearance because it is intended for people who like future style and are looking for a dynamic driving experience.

OMODA 5 will begin to be released in 2022 for the next five years, starting from the continents of Asia, South America, Australia, Africa, Europe, and followed by other countries. From the plan, Indonesia will be one of the early-stage countries for the right-hand drive market that will gain driving experience with OMODA 5.

In the category of renewable energy vehicles or electric vehicles, Chery has the EQ1 which is equipped with a 55kW high-energy engine, an acceleration time of 1-50km/h ≤5 seconds, a maximum speed of 120 km/h, and is the only type of electric vehicle built with aluminum construction.

In addition, EQ1 also applies the latest technology consisting of three advanced electrical components, namely batteries, motors, and e-management systems, which are equipped with active and passive safety configurations, which are economical, practical, intelligent, and many other advantages. Although it comes with various sophistications, the EQ1 is designed to be user-centric, so that it can create a new experience for the rider and show originality.

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