Claimed to be Unique, 1 Pringles Chips Auctioned for IDR 35 Million!


This netizen is selling a Pringles chip on the auction site eBay for a fantastic price. Claimed to have a unique shape, he set a price of up to IDR 35.6 million! What’s so unique about it?

Pringles brand potato chips are famous for their thin and slightly wavy shape. These chips, which are packaged in a cylindrical tube, are a favorite of many people in the world because of their delicious taste.

Remember Pringles is a mass product that is produced very much every day, of course there is the possibility of an imperfect product form. Usually most people will take this incident as normal, but it turns out that there are also those who give a serious response.

When they found the shape of the chip that was not proper, they claimed that this was a rare find. Not a few of them finally thought of selling this ‘rare’ Pringles.

One of them is an eBay user who is known to be from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. He sells a unique Pringles that has a slight crease at the end.

Claimed to be Unique, 1 Pringles Chips Auctioned for IDR 35 Million!Pringles pieces that are folded at the end are considered unique until they are auctioned off for Rp. 35 million. Photo: Ebay/Triangle News

It claims its products are new, never used, and undamaged. Pieces of this Pringles sold for up to 2,000 pounds sterling, or around Rp. 35.6 million!

In addition to cash payments, this eBay user also offers monthly installment payments. Of course this intrigued many who saw it.

How is it possible, 1 piece of Pringles costs tens of millions of rupiah? While 1 package of Pringles is only sold for 1.65 pounds sterling (Rp 30 thousand) in the UK.

It turns out that this eBay user isn’t the only one selling the unique Pringles. There is also a Pringles that offers a similar shape, with the part folded at the end, at a much cheaper price of 50 pounds sterling or around Rp. 89 thousand.

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There is also Kelly the opportunistic salesman from Manchester who sells Pringles the flavor of the folded Honey Glazed Ham. The price is also 50 pounds sterling, or around Rp. 89 thousand.

“Pringles folded back with a few cracks in it but still strong. Don’t miss it, you won’t see it again!” he said promoting.

Claimed to be Unique, 1 Pringles Chips Auctioned for IDR 35 Million!It turns out that Pringles chips that are folded at the ends are also being sold by many other eBay users. Photo: Ebay/Triangle News

Before Pringles folded at a price of tens of millions of rupiah, there are also other foods that are auctioned at insane prices! One of them is McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, which is known as one of the best-tasting McDonald’s sauces.

This sauce was produced in 1998, but after that it was discontinued. On eBay, someone sold it for up to USD 15,350 (Rp 231 million) in 2017 and it’s selling!

Then there is also the iconic snack, Cheetos shaped like the gorilla Harambe who was killed. The story went viral so that when a Cheetos similar to Harambe was discovered, the auction value was also fantastic.

Surprisingly, there are those who want to buy Cheetos Harambe at a fantastic price. Not kidding, the total reached USD 99,900 (Rp 1.5 billion).

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