Closer to Mario Aji, the Indonesian racer who started in the front row of Moto3


The name Mario Suryo Aji immediately became a hot topic of discussion after successfully completing the Moto3 racing qualification at the forefront.

Aji will start racing the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia in the Moto3 class from third place after completing the qualification with a time of 1,41,585.

Aji’s record time is only 0.335 seconds from the leading racer Carlos Tatay. Being able to start the race at the forefront is a matter of pride for Mario Aji. Previously at the opening event of the Moto3 race in Qatar, Aji only finished in 19th position. Certainly Aji’s action will steal the attention of the Indonesian people on race day at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit.

“I’m happy because it’s not easy, I’m very, very happy with the team, myself and also the family who have come. Tomorrow I will give my best,” said Mario Aji, quoted by the MotoGP page.

Mario Aji is already familiar with the world of motorcycle racing since childhood. The Honda Team Asia racer took part in the national Motocross racing event for the first time when he was 10 years old.

Indonesian racer, Mario Suryo Aji, made a surprise by making new history when he completed the Mandalika 2022 Moto3 Qualification session. Photo: Doc. Instagram/marios.a16

Then in 2018, the son of a businessman and housewife had the opportunity to take part in the Asia Talent Cup and also the Asia Road Race Championship. From the 2018 Asia Talent Cup series, Aji also recorded his first win at Sepang.

Currently, this 18-year-old racer is the only representative from Indonesia in the 2022 Moto3 World Championship. In addition, Mario Aji is also known to be competing in the MotoGP Red Bull Rookies event.

For this reason, Aji, who loves cycling, received full support from President Joko Widodo when he visited the Merdeka Palace before starting the MotoGP parade in Jakarta.

“Yes, we have those who participate in Moto3, Mario, right, that’s a seed, which is expected to go up, up, up to MotoGP,” said Jokowi recently.

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