Club Owners Shouldn’t Be PSSI Managers

MEMBER of the Joint Independent Fact-Finding Team (TGIPF) Akmal Marhali pushed for strict rules prohibiting concurrent positions in the PSSI management.

According to him, one of the big problems of the federation is the club owner who is also the manager of PSSI or the PSSI Executive Committee (Exco). Such conditions can open up conflicts of interest in important decision-making for national football.

Akmal’s statement responded to the PSSI Exco’s decision to speed up the PSSI Extraordinary Congress (KLB). According to him, the KLB must have a clear purpose. It also encourages improvements to the PSSI statutes.

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In TGIPF’s recommendation to PSSI, point C states that PSSI should implement the principles of good organizational governance. Thus, it is important for PSSI to revise PSSI’s statutes and regulations.

When PSSI was called by TGIPF, he continued, the PSSI management was also the owner of the club. One of the TGIPF members asked about the status of Iwan Budianto, who also serves as Deputy General Chairperson, but owns shares in Arema FC.

Iwan Budianto at that time confirmed, but he argued that it was not prohibited. In fact, claims Iwan, the condition of being elected to the board of PSSI must be active in the club.

“Iwan answered that I was chosen by the Congress participants. The rules are indeed the same, the chosen person is active for five years in football. I am active in the club. Of course, TGIPF is of the view that there is a conflict of interest,” Akmal said when contacted, Saturday (29/10).

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Akmal agrees with the suggestion of the President Director of Persis Solo, Kaesang Pangarep, that there be a revision of the PSSI statute which prohibits club owners from holding concurrent positions as PSSI administrators. From the beginning, TGIPF considered that there was something odd about the PSSI statute.

Including, the question of cross ownership or parties who have more than one club. According to him, cross ownership is prohibited by FIFA, because it has the potential for match fixing.

“This means that this is also a concern from TGIPF. One of them is the point of revising the PSSI statutes. Football has always been tyrannical, power is only for certain groups,” he concluded. (OL-11)